• Ken Farrell G-Force Scope Base and Rings

    When we planned Project 2005, one thing we wanted to do is use quality components on the rifles when possible. The scope mounts are no exception. In fact, since an African safari was part of the project, the bases and rings had to be very well made. Nothing would be worse than to get half way around the world and discover that you are not able to hit your game because the scope mounts are damaged. The rings and bases also had to be precise enough to allow for long range match shooting without worrying if the mounts are doing more harm than good to the rifle's performance.

    Once the requirements were established, I then proceeded to contact various companies concerning their rings and bases. Naturally, everyone I talked to assured me that their products would be more than suitable for the Project. I continued searching until I contacted Ken Farrell at Farrell Industries. He was different from the very beginning. This gentleman really knows scope mounts and knew exactly what we were needing. The most impressive part of the conversation was when I mentioned the part about the African safari and he gave me a list of customers who have used his products on safari rifles and told what rifles they used and where they went. No other company was able to do that. I was very impressed to say the least.

    Another thing that impressed me was Mr. Farrell's enthusiasm when talking about the project. He was genuinely interested in what we are doing and it was easy to tell. Even though this was the first time we had spoken to each other, he talked like we were old friends. That made me very comfortable as I realized that he really understands and believes in his products. That lead to his company being selected as the provider of bases and rings for Project 2005.

    Mr. Farrell sent us two pairs of steel rings and two G-Force one piece bases. Once we had received them, we knew instantly that these mounts were for serious business. The bases and rings are CNC machined from solid stock, not cast or formed. The bases have a groove for bedding the bases to the receiver for even better fit, a plus for target shooting. The rings are made as a matched pair and are serial numbered accordingly. The bases and rings use heat treated Torx screws with 45 degree angled heads for more precise torquing. This design is very precise and no lapping of the rings is needed. Both rings and bases are finished in a very nice black oxide finish.

    The mounts did prove themselves to be excellent quality time and time again. From shooting long range F-Class matches to hunting in Africa, they never gave even the slightest notion of not performing well. The safari really torture tested these mounts. Airlines are very rough on guns and not even the best rifle cases are immune to their wrath. Then there are all the bumps and drops that occur when hunting in lesser developed places on Earth. A very rugged and dependable mount is needed and the units provided by Mr. Farrell are excellent. Once we re-zeroed on the day of our arrival, the scopes never needed to be zeroed again, even with a 600 pound blue wildebeest being dropped on the rifle while loading the animal into the bed of the truck.

    Farrell Industries also offers tapered bases in 15, 20 and 30 MOA for long range shooters. All bases and rings are Weaver style, and heavy duty aluminum mounts, rated at 70,000psi, are also available. Farrell Industries will even make custom mounts for special needs. All mounts are made in the United States.

    Ken Farrell started business in California in 1966. Before that, he worked in the aviation business where he learned about making parts and components that are of very high quality. Ken established his business at first as a job shop making items for other manufacturers. In 1994, the business was moved to Missouri. About five years ago he opened to the public.

    Farrell Industries is still a small operation. That is actually a good thing as you get personal one-on-one service from folks who really know and understand their products. I wish there were more companies like this.

    I am very pleased with Farrell rings and bases. Both of the rifles I took to South Africa have Farrell bases and rings and neither have left me wanting something better. I highly recommend Ken Farrell's products to anyone who needs serious mounts for their firearms.

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