• Evolution Gun Works "Axis/Edge" Tactical Scope Base Review

    In the spring of 2010, Savage unveiled their new top-secret rifle the Edge, and within less than two moths after Savage unveiled this new rifle, EGW created a new, one-piece Picatinny/Weaver mount for it. At this time, there is no other alternative for a one-piece mount, for the Edge. This is the first product I have ever gotten from EGW and I will evaluate this new mount and describe how it fits, works, and how well it is made.

    The Edge is a new altogether different design rifle that has a dissimilar scope base mounting distance than that of the 110/10 model Savage rifles. The Edge is able to use the two-piece mounts made for a round back Savage 110/10 series rifle, but this limits the availability of useable scopes. The Edge has approximately five ¼-inch spacing between the centers of the mounting of the bases. The problem with the Edge and 110 rifles is when using a two piece mount there are only certain scopes that are long enough to bridge the gap between the two rings, and other devices may have to be used, such as offset rings, or bases, and it is just a big pain to get everything to fit.

    Thanks to EGW for stepping up to the plate and quickly producing the first one-piece Picatinny scope base for the Edge. The advantage to a Picatinny rail is the consumer has the option of several scope ring-mounting positions. The one-piece design keeps optics in line, and some people believe that it adds some extra rigidity to the action. The mount is well suited for just about every style of shooting as it is rugged enough for the hunter ridged enough for target shooting.

    The EGW tactical scope mount I received was in matte black, and matched the finish of the Edge perfectly. The package states that this rail is made to fit Picatinny/Weaver rings. The mount I received was part number of 41800, which is a zero minute of angle mount; EGW also offers the mount in a 20 minute of angle base as part number 41802. The unit is clearly marked on the bottom “EGW SAV EDGE.” The base has a thickness of .428 (from bottom to top), has 18 mounting positions, uses four screw mounting, weighs in (with mounting screws) at 2.197 ounces, and is roughly 7 ½ inches long. The mount has a relief cut around .565 inch long and roughly .084 deep, in the front to clear recoil lugs and barrel nuts. EGW recommends use of blue Loctite on the mounting screws, and that the screws are torque to 20 inch pounds. The mount sells factory direct from EGW for $39.99.

    I must say that I am overly impressed with EGW’s service. I received the mount by UPS in a lighting fast time. EGW is proud to display that this product is 100 % made in the United States of America, and it makes me very happy that it is. The mount came nicely packaged in a clear hangable clamshell case which is outstanding for the retailer. In the package everything needed is included; the mount, the appropriate screws, and a proper sized Allen wrench.

    The screws have a self-centering taper at the bottom that mates up perfectly with the mount, and they are of proper length, no cutting was needed. I hate to get a mount where you tighten up the screw to find they are too long and interfere with the operation of the firearm; this is not the case here. When tightened down, the screws sit below the surface and are out of the way of ring mounting. I did notice that the holes in the back of the mount are drilled deeper than the front; this allows the use of same sized screws, in both front and back. The mount fits immaculately and the screws draw up tight. The base looks as if it was designed for this gun, not just something retrofitted. I must say the whole thing is cosmetically appeasing.

    For testing purposes I tried a variety of scopes in different lengths and objective size, and I found that there was not a single scope that I could not find a comfortable mounting for. I also found that the added height of the mount made mounting of large objectives scopes a breeze.

    I found that the EGW base was different from some other Picatinny rails I have dealt with do to it being closer in size to a Weaver base. On many Picatinny rails, Weaver rings fit sloppy, and you have to crank them down hard or place shims in to take the slop out. This is not so with the EGW base as it fits Weaver style rings very well. I found that rings which have a detachable side plate mounting work well and do not cant when tightened up.

    I did find that when installing a pair of Burris Signature rings they were a bit on the difficult side. The main problem was getting them started on the rail, a slight radius cut on the front and back of the rail would eradicate this small problem. Once the rings were on the rail they slide back and forth well, but a diminutive bit of the finish came off when I started these rings. Surprisingly no manufacture that I know of places a radius on the beginning of their Picatinny rails.

    I found that after shooting many rounds the base sat rock steady, and never moved. I did not use the blue Loctite as recommended, or torque them to 20-inch pounds. I found that hand tight pressure using the supplied Allen wrench was sufficient, to hold the mount plenty tight. When removing the screws I could feel a pop, as they released their tension from the mount. Overall, the product performed very well, and held up to normal everyday use.

    I feel that EGW has made a great product, at a great price. The mount fits the bill as the only one-piece picatinny mount for the Savage Edge. The mounts has a good height to it, which allows for mounting of large objective scopes, and do to its multitude of mounting positions make it possible to mount just about any scope and have adjustment to fit that scope to the shooter. The mount brings a certain ambiance to the rifle, and slightly changes the look. The product serves it purpose well.

    In comparing this mount to other mounts, I would say the mount equally compares to the other mounts on the market, but the EGW base carries a much lower price than most of the competition. I do like that the mount fits Weaver mounts tighter than other Picatinny rails I have seen. I would like to see a radius cut on both sides of the starts of the rail to aide in sliding rings onto the rail. I would say that this mount is a top-notch product, the fit is excellent, and functions exactly as intended. Thank you EGW, for going out on a limb and creating the first aftermarket product just for the Edge rifle!

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