• Savage Arms Rimfire Plant Expands To Start Production Of New Lever-Actions

    As reported by Global News earlier this week, Savage Arms has announced a $3.3 million (CAD) dollar expansion to their rimfire production facility in Lakefield, Ont. Canada. According to the article, the Ontario government is providing approximately $504,631 in funding through the Regional Development Program's Eastern Ontario Development Fund. This expansion will add an estimated 49 new jobs, bringing the total number of employees at the plant up to nearly 200.

    The primary purpose of this expansion is to make room for the production of a new lever-action rimfire rifle as well as to start producing certain centerfire hunting rifles in Canada as well. In the past the Lakefield facility has only produced rimfire rifles.

    The company just north of Peterborough on Tuesday said that as part of its $3,346,206 (CAD) manufacturing investment, two new product lines will be introduced: lever-action rimfire rifles and centrefire hunting rifles.

    Savage Arms, which marked its 50th anniversary in 2019, says the development will support other companies in Ontario as new manufacturing and tooling equipment will be purchased to support the expansion of the product lines.

    The last sentence above is interesting as despite Canada's strong anti-gun stance under the current Prime Minister, there is a considerable amount of firearms manufacturing going on north of the U.S./Canada border. Much of that production is geared towards circumventing Canada’s strict gun laws, but some of it is also focused on export, Colt Canada being perhaps the most famous example behind Savage Arms' rimfire plant.

    It will be interesting to see what this new lever-action rimfire design entails when it comes to market. Many of you, like myself, are likely hoping for something akin to the bygone Marlin Model 39 or Winchester 9422, but I think a more realistic expectation will be something along the lines of a Rossi Rio Bravo with a matte black finish, cheap synthetic stock, and there will likely be a model fitted with a picatinney rail and threaded muzzle as well since that seems to be the fad these days when it comes to lever guns.