• Meet The New Savage 110 PCS (Pistol Chassis System)

    December 16, 2021 | Springfield, MA ~ Savage once again proves there’s no limit to the adaptability of the Model 110. The new 110 PCS is a bolt-action pistol built around the 110’s factory blueprinted action. The 110 PCS has a user-adjustable AccuTrigger™ for a crisp, clean pull. The action is secured in a one-piece aluminum chassis from Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) and includes an AICS-style detachable box magazine. The 110 PCS combines compact performance with the Model 110’s exceptional reputation for accuracy and reliability. This is Savage.


    • Carbon steel, matte black, barrel and receiver
    • Medium-contour 10.5” barrel, with threaded muzzle 5/8-24 (.223 Rem. threaded ½-28)
    • Machined aluminum, 1-piece chassis with 7” free floating modular forend with M-Lok slots and Cerakote
    • 1-Piece 0 MOA rail
    • Left hand bolt, right side eject
    • Spiral fluted bolt body
    • 2.5-6 lb user-adjustable AccuTrigger
    • Picatinny rail at rear of chassis
    • Accepts most AR-15 pistol grips
    • Barricade grooves milled into the front of the magazine well
    • Ambidextrous magazine release and AICS Magazine


    • 6.5 Creedmoor
    • .223 Remington
    • .300 AAC Blackout
    • .308 Winchester
    • .350 Legend

    MSRP is listed at $999.00 for all calibers

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    Looks like we've now got our official first new model announced from Savage Arms for 2022. It's an interesting take on the old Striker bolt-action pistol platform that was discontinued in the mid 2000's, the major difference with the 110 PCS from the old offering being this new reiteration features a rear grip MDT LSS aluminum chassis for use with AICS pattern magazines whereas the Striker used a mid-grip synthetic stock and blind internal box magazine. Another notable difference is that while the older Striker model handguns featured 14" sporter weight barrels with magnum calibers featuring Savage's proprietary on/off brake system of the time, the new 110 PCS barrels are only 10.5" in length and feature a threaded muzzle to add the muzzle device of your choosing.

    I've long wondered why Savage hadn't brought another 110-based bolt-action handgun to market since the discontinuation of the Striker series - especially considering how many shooters were buying Precision Target Actions and building them into handguns. There's been a huge hole in the market for such a handgun since the Striker was discontinued, and both Strikers and Remington XP100's are few and far between on the used market.

    One major benefit of this new design is that it will utilize a standard trigger group with it's rear-grip design. One of the biggest complaints about the Striker models was the horrible triggers with tons of creep and over-travel due to the linkage mechanism that had to be utilized to facilitate the mid-grip stock design. The chassis on the 110 PCS appears to have a short section of picatinney rail machined into the rear area where a buttstock would normally attach - presumably to facilitate the mounting of an attachment point for a sling or possibly even a rear mono-pod.

    The detachable AICS-pattern mag design will also be viewed as a huge plus for potential customers over the old Striker's blind magazine configuration. It's no secret that the AICS magazine pattern has become the defacto-standard these days, so it only makes sense for Savage to utilize it here on the 110 PCS.

    The MSRP price is pretty steep coming in at $999, but I guess that's to be expected with ever increasing inflation, labor costs, and supply shortages. It's just the times we live in folks. Fortunately unlike many of Savage's current offerings the new 110 PCS shouldn't require any immediate upgrades since it comes from the factory with quality components right from the start. Aside from possibly an upgrade to an aftermarket trigger, swapping out the Magpul polymer magazine for a metal one and adding one's preferred muzzle device there's really nothing else that should need changing (unless of course you want to replace the barrel for one chambered in a round not offered by Savage).

    It will be interesting to see how the market takes to the new 110 PCS as its predecessor, the Striker, never really took off and sold in huge numbers - thus why it was discontinued. The Striker to this day though has a cult-like following, and as stated previously a great many Precision Target Actions have been sold in the last 10-12 years that were purchased specifically to build into handguns.
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    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
    1. want2ride's Avatar
      want2ride -
      I love it! I would have probably bought one if they had offered one in a different stage in my life.
    1. Fuj''s Avatar
      Fuj' -
      Won't be a hit on the streets of Chicago.....

      I'm just going tu give it a Hmmmnnnnn, and leave it at that.
    1. Blue Avenger's Avatar
      Blue Avenger -
      When compared to the limited run guns like the Savage 110 BA 338 lapua law enforcement at $18K, the $999- for the 110 PSC is not that far out of line. The grip/stock would be a small production run, adding to the coast. I'm sure they know many will be rebuilt into longer barreled guns. All the parts are there to shoot or begin your upgrade.
    1. Appleseed's Avatar
      Appleseed -
      Yesterday custom shop said "very soon, watch for promotion." Suppose barrel is small shank? Would look better with a flush 3 round mag, imo.
    1. 61Knuckle's Avatar
      61Knuckle -
      After finally running a Striker to ground last year, I wish they had done this earlier. May have to give one some consideration anyway, looks interesting and, besides, I already have too many 'specialty pistols' and one more would always be welcome.
    1. 61Knuckle's Avatar
      61Knuckle -
      I had one in my grubby paws last Saturday at the NRA National in Houston. Not a fan of the 'tactical' styling, but we are shooting pistols not art objects. The reps at the Savage booth were a bit 'unaware' of much about the 110PCS as they had not received samples and the only one available was not obviously displayed. That got worked out, I got to handle the display sample and my questions answered. Yes, it maintains the 110 barrel system. Appears to be at the current level of Savage build quality and finish. Enjoyed my visit to the Savage booth, good guys.
      Word is, speak to your local Savage 'ordering dealer' as to when and how to get one.