• Winchester and Browning Introduce the New 6.8 Western™ Cartridge

    January 15, 2021— Winchester® and Browning®, two of the most iconic outdoor brands, continue toinnovate and bring new products to hunting and shooting sports enthusiasts around the world. Thistime, the two titans have teamed up and introduce 6.8 Western, the ultimate all-around long-rangehunting and shooting cartridge.

    With long-range shooting and hunting interest growing rapidly, engineers at Winchester and Browningwere both seeking a solution that could offer magnum performance with a modern high BC projectile,yet chamber in a short action rifle; offering lighter guns and shorter bolt-throw. The 6.8 Western wasdesigned from the ground up to be the ultimate long-range cartridge that is capable in any big-gamehunting scenario and a great fit for those who enjoy long-range target shooting.

    “The 6.8 Western cartridge development defines collaborative innovation,” said Matt Campbell, vicepresident of sales and marketing for Winchester Ammunition. “We have designed a cartridge for thegrowing segment of long-range shooters and hunters that offers significant features and benefits. Westrive to introduce new products that add value to our customers, and we believe the 6.8 Western willdo just that.”

    “The 6.8 Western cartridge brings a new perspective to long range hunting and shooting,” said RyanGodderidge, senior vice president of sales, marketing, and firearms for Browning. “It provides magnumlevel performance in our short action rifles. Giving the shooter highly effective down range energy,even at longer ranges, while allowing for a lighter weight platform. We’re excited about bringing thisinto the marketplace.”

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    1. kohler's Avatar
      kohler -
      Interesting. I have T&T’d 111 never fired action (formerly 270 win) lying about. Had thought about a 257 Roberts with it.

      Would a Savage long action work with the 150 gr - 175 gr bullets? What is the bolt face?
    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      Basically a .270 WSM reworked with a few minor changes to improve efficiency. It's designed for a short-action, even with the long/heavy bullets. No clue how it would feed from a centerfeed long action given the minimal amount of body taper and 35-degree shoulder.

      Attachment 7741
    1. efm77's Avatar
      efm77 -
      It uses the standard magnum bolt face like the rest of the WSM's. It's a 270 WSM case that they moved the shoulder back on to shorten the case length (not neck down as they both are .277's) to allow the longer OAL with the long bullets seated far out of the case.
    1. 243LPR's Avatar
      243LPR -
      Hope it's better than their "wssm" collaboration.
    1. Iklwa's Avatar
      Iklwa -
      I swear, its like women's' fashions. Something "new" comes out every year.
      This looks like a solution in search of a problem.
      I just don't see folks launching 180 grain bullets at magnum velocities from the bench for fun, all day.
      That is of course unless the platform weighs 12 pounds or is on a hydraulic rest.

      You know, I saw a documentary on the German 8.8 cm the other day. It had a built in recoil system.
    1. Jefff's Avatar
      Jefff -
      As if we dont have enough choices already��
    1. efm77's Avatar
      efm77 -
      They have to keep coming up with new ideas to keep stirring the pot. That's what keeps them in business. Yes it can seem redundant sometimes, but they're in business to sell products and make a profit. I for one, don't want to see firearms companies go out of business so I'm glad to see new inventions. If it fits your needs or wants great. If not, that's ok too. Maybe someone else will like it. I certainly don't "need" all the ones I have, but I still enjoy them anyway.
    1. brtelec's Avatar
      brtelec -
      In the current climate, this appears to be one more chambering you will not be able to get ammo for or components to reload it.

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