• Magpul® to Launch New Hunter 110 Stock for Savage Short Actions in 2020

    After many years of waiting, it appears Magpul has finally answered the call of many Savage owners and will start offering their widely popular Hunter stock for third generation short-action Savage 110 rifles with 4.40" action screw spacing and centerfeed magazine system. This is sure to be a game changer in the stock market for those looking for a reasonably affordable aftermarket synthetic stock for their Savage 110 rifle. The Magpul 110 Hunter stock offers an ergonomic design that can equally be deployed for both hunting and target shooting.

    While this new offering won't appease those with the older first and second generation Savage short-actions, one really can't expect Magpul to cater to that relatively limited market. First generation short-actions haven't been produced since 1988, and second generation short-actions were only produced from 1998-2006-ish making them both limited stagnant markets. From a business perspective you want to enter a market that is both established and continuing to grow, which is what the third generation short-action market offers.

    The good news is that if/when Magpul decides to offer the new 110 Hunter stock for long-actions it should fit all long-action 110's dating back to 1966 with little to no modification since the action screw spacing never changed. The only possible "gotcha" for the older staggered-feed long-actions made before 2006 would be if the Magpul magazines would require the magazine port in the bottom of the action to be opened up slightly for clearance of the thicker plastic feed lips.

    Details on the new Savage 110 Hunter stock per Magpul's website:

    The Hunter 110 Stock is the latest addition to the Magpul Hunter stock product line. It features enhanced ergonomics, versions for both right and left-hand actions, eight M-LOK slots for mounting options, and a fully adjustable length of pull and comb height. These features have been optimally designed to provide a more stable shooting platform, improved user comfort and individual accessory customization. Like its predecessors, the Magpul Hunter 110 features a Type III hard anodized, machine-finished, cast aluminum bedding block that doesn’t require bedding and is a true “drop-in” stock solution.

    The Hunter 110 is designed for 3rd generation Savage short action Series 10/110 centerfire rifles that have center-feed magazine compatibility and action screw hole spacing of 4.40” (H-prefix and later) with production date of 2006 and later. The Hunter 110 also includes our Bolt Action Magazine Well – Hunter 110 and one PMAG® 5 7.62 AC for optimal functionality with detachable box magazines that don’t require custom inletting.

    Made in the USA.


    • One Bolt Action Magazine Well – Hunter 110 (required for stock and magazine compatibility) and one PMAG® 5 7.62 AC included for reliable detachable box magazine compatibility
    • Available for right and left-hand actions
    • Compatible with barrel profiles up to Heavy Palma and Savage Varmint barrel contours
    • And many others

    Reinforced polymer shell with Type III hard anodized, machine finished, A380 cast aluminum V-bedding block


    Required for stock and magazine compatibility for optimal performance and reliability


    Butt-Pad Dimensions 1.5 in W x 5.0 in H
    LOP Adjustment Range 13.0 in, - 15.0 in. (13 in. with no spacers plus up to four half-inch spacers)
    Weight 3.3 lbs.
    Width of Butt, max 1.5 in.
    Width of Forend, max 2.3 in.
    Other Specs Compatible with 3rd generation Savage short action Series 10/110 centerfire rifles with center-feed magazine compatibility and action screw hole spacing of 4.40” that began in 2006.
    Compatible with barrel profiles up to Heavy Palma and Savage Varmint barrel contours. Tapered Beam design provides rigidity through the forend and will free-float compatible barrels.
    Push-button QD swivel compatibility with optional Sling Mount Kits in rear of stock.

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    1. zloe's Avatar
      zloe -
      I called Magpul a afew weeks ago about a seperate question and happened to ask if they had any stocks coming out for other makes/models and was told they had a "hunter" stock coming out for Savage.

      Exciting news!
    1. Shooter0302's Avatar
      Shooter0302 -
      Wayne, 19 August 2020

      Thank you for contacting us. With the current high demand of our products the new releases like the Savage Hunter stock have been pushed back for a later release time. Currently the stock is set to be released this October but other than that we do not have an exact date.
    1. Gregk's Avatar
      Gregk -
      Any word on the release of these stocks??
    1. CAPT BEACH's Avatar
      CAPT BEACH -
      Any word on the long action variant being offered and when?