• Savage 110-Series Stock Configurations

    If the multitude of recent posts on the forum is any indication, there seems to be quite a large number of Savage rifle owners out there who have become utterly confused over what should be a rather simple task of ordering an aftermarket stock for their rifle. Sadly this is no surprise given the multitude of changes that Savage Arms has made to the Model 110 series of rifles over the years. Between four different short-action screw spacings, the change from staggered feed magazines to center feed magazines, two different locations for the bolt release, two different recoil lug lengths, and the use of two totally different detachable box magazine styles on the newer models it's no wonder Savage owners are at their whits end and are starting to look to other brands of rifles that offer a much more consistent and uniform history that makes upgrades far less daunting.

    To help alleviate some of this confusion in regards to stock fitment, I decided to take the time to put together the following tables to list most all of the possible configurations that have been offered over the years. Most any Savage Model 110 series rifle made from it's launch in 1958 to today (2019) will match one of the combinations listed below. These tables should be helpful for those looking to purchase an off-the-shelf stock from companies like Bell & Carlson or Choate Machine & Tool, as well as from larger semi-custom stock makers like Boyds. However, the biggest factor in making sure you get the right stock for your rifle is you knowing exactly what you have.

    I said the tables cover "most" Savage 110 configurations because I deliberately left out one specific group, the old Striker Series of bolt-action pistols. The Strikers were only produced for eight years, the sales numbers were fairly low, and the Striker actions had their own unique action screw spacing. With the limited production and need to change out the trigger group, the number of owners looking to convert their Striker to a rifle is so small that no major stock manufacturer is ever going to offer them. (note that Sharp Shooter Supply can build a laminate rifle stock for a Striker action)

    The following tables focus on the four key details of a Savage barreled action that will determine whether or not a given stock will fit it. The details are as follows:

    Action: Specifies action length, generation (in the case of short-action), and action screw spacing.

    Bolt Release: Specifies the location of the bolt release on the action

    Magazine Type: Specifies magazine style (center or staggered feed) and type (blind or detachable box (DBM))
    -----Note: Center feed rifles with a hinged floorplate use the same stocks as Premium DBM rifles.

    Barrel Contour: Specifies factory barrel contour (sporter or heavy/varmint)

    One other key thing to note in regards to recent DBM models with a synthetic stock that use the AICS-style magazines (110 Haymaker, 110 Scout, 110 Tactical, 110 Ridge Warrior, etc). These models all come equipped with an AccuFit or AccuStock synthetic stock and as such use the shorter recoil lug. Wood stocks can not be made for this bottom frame that also are inlet for the longer "standard" recoil lug as the two pockets will intersect and create a weak point in the stock.

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