• Savage Model 110 History: 1990-1999

    The following data has been compiled from the information contained within my extensive collection of Savage Arms catalogs. The following tables list the various different models of the Savage Arms Model 110 bolt-action rifle that were manufactured between 1990 and 1999.

    Please note that this list only contains those models which were depicted and detailed in Savage Arms annual U.S. catalogs. Any special model(s) that were manufactured for export or as special runs for a major distributor or retailer are not included in these tables.

    The 1990's was the first decade where Savage Arms started making numerous special (non-cataloged) models for major distributors or national retail chains. Sadly it will likely be impossible to ever put together a full list of such special run models because 1) they were never listed anywhere by Savage, 2) many reused existing model names/numbers even though they had slightly different feature sets, and 3) there are just too many major distributors and national retail chains to try to keep an eye on for special models year in and year out.

    The 1990's was the big break-out decade for Savage Arms after falling into bankruptcy protection in the late 1980's. In 1990 only a four very limited model lines were being offered, but by the end of the Millennium Savage Arms was offering six model lines, each with a multitude of configurations ranging from basic entry level models to fully featured premium models. There were dedicated models for varmint hunters as well and entire line specifically tailored for law enforcement. Savage had a full compliment of rimfire rifles in both bolt-action and semi-automatic configurations, as well as a like of air rifles. Savage had also launched a new business, Savage Range Systems, which manufactured and sold their revolutionary SNAIL bullet trap and containment systems.

    A couple of notable events and model introductions occurred during the 1990's:

    • In 1991 Savage Range Systems is born and begins selling their SNAIL bullet traps.
    • In 1991 Savage begins offering 110's with stainless steel actions.
    • In 1995 Savage purchases Lakefield Arms of Lakefield, Ont. CA
    • In 1998 Savage reintroduced a true short-action receiver, which had been absent since 1988.
    • In 1998 Savage introduced the Striker Series of bolt-action handguns.

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    1. big honkin jeep's Avatar
      big honkin jeep -
      Easily my favorite era for Savage. The rifles I have from that era are really great quality and fantastic shooters. The 116FLCSAK I ordered new from a local dealer is still my favorite hunting rig. Too bad they discontinued it as well as the practice of producing a left handed rifle of virtually every model cataloged at the time.
    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      I dunno about that. I don't miss the old flat-backs that could vary in height and/or be ground at an angle, or the lousy triggers. I do think the barrels were of better quality back then as we didn't use to see the horrible chatter marks down the length like we see in today's barrels. Most of them still shoot good, but by God are they ugly to look at and they foul up like the Devil until you get a few hundred rounds through them.

      I still think Savage's marketing dept. needs to adopt the slogan "Our bores are ribbed for your bullets pleasure" if they're going to keep making such rough barrels.