• How-To: New Savage Rifle Checklist

    A lot of the posts and questions we get from new members on the forum pertain to issues that are the result of a new owner not properly going over the firearm to make sure everything is as it should be prior to mounting their optic and taking it out to the range to sight it in. I get it, everybody gets excited when they get a new firearm and they want to rush through things so they can hurry up and take it to the range to do some shooting with it. However, performing these simple checks when you first get that new Savage firearm home and making sure everything is good to go only takes a couple of minutes and will save you a lot of aggravation and frustration down the road.

    While I am using a Savage Model 110 Tactical LH as the example in this video, the information is the same for most any new Savage rifle of any model series whether it's a bare rifle or a package rifle with factory mounted optic.

    Here is what is covered in this video:

    • Checking front scope mounting screw length for barrel shank contact
    • Checking second scope mounting screw for bolt head contact
    • Properly torquing scope mounting screws & use of Loc-Tite
    • Checking front action screw length for bolt head contact
    • Properly torquing action screws
    • Checking AccuTrigger pull weight for bolt-slam tripping

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      big honkin jeep -
      That oughta help out quite a few guys familiarize themselves with their rifle and many of the little issues that pop up.
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      Thanks for adding me !