• Savage Mark I/II/93 and B-Series Bolt Modification

    The following video highlights an issue that has come up numerous times over the years with the Mark I/II/93 series of rifles, and as the video explains the same issue has been passed on to the newer B-Series rimfire rifles.

    The problem lies with the shank of the cocking piece pin not being surface hardened like the bolt body is. As a result as the pin rides up and down the typically sharp cam cut in the bolt body, over time it gouges away metal from the pin until ultimately it fails. As the video creator notes, this isn't necessarily a bad thing as it's better to have the pin wear than the bolt body itself as replacing the pin is a much easier affair that wouldn't likely necessitate resetting the headspace on the barrel.

    The fix, as shown, is quite simple and easy to accomplish with a Dremel or even just a fine file or some emery cloth. One just needs to debur the cam cut and polish it up.

    Be sure to check out Created by Cay's other videos on his YouTube channel which can be found here.

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    1. Gary Jordan's Avatar
      Gary Jordan -
      our Scout camp has 20 Mark I FVP's with the same bolt design-while cleaning them, I noticed the shank on one of the bolt pins is worn almost in half. Were can I buy a new bolt pin and the pin that holds it in place ?
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      J.Baker -
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