• Georgia Arms Precision Plus 30-06 Spfld Ammunition Review

    I recently received an allotment of .30-06 ammunition from Georgia Arms for evaluation purposes. There were two different loads sent, one with a 165gr Ballistic Tip bullet, and the other with a 180gr Ballistic Tip.
    Both are from Georgia Arms' "Precision Plus" line. This new ammo is made using components from various makers, including Remington brass and green polymer tipped Nosler Ballistic boat-tail bullets. The cartridges came in clear reusable plastic boxes much like the boxes available for handloaded ammunition. Each box of ammunition contains 20 cartridges.

    For this test, I used a Savage Model 114W with a factory sporter-weight barrel. It has the original wood stock which is not bedded, and no modifications have been made to the action or trigger. For optics, I used a BSA Big Cat 3.5-10X42 zeroed at 100 yards.

    To ensure consistent results, the bore was cleaned before firing each group. All shooting was done from a wooden bench, with sandbags used for support both front and rear. The course of fire was 5 rounds for zeroing and fouling, then a 5 shot group. This was done at both 100 and 200 yards for both the 165gr and 180gr ammunition. Both loads were also chronographed while firing at 100 yards. The weather conditions were 94F with 3-5 mph variable winds and 75% humidity.

    This is clean ammo with no oily residue on the bullets or cases. The ammunition appears to have been polished as it possessed an even sheen. As previously mentioned the bullets are poly tipped with a cannelure, and the cases were lightly crimped at the groove. The crimp appeared to be uniform all the way around the case mouth.

    All of the cartridges loaded easily into the magazine. Feeding was smooth, reliable, and uneventful. That's a good thing as nobody wants to encounter feeding problems while in the field. Extraction was good, but some cases tended to be more difficult to extract than others though none failed to extract. The hot and humid weather probably played some role in this.

    The ammo shot well and predictable. The 165gr bullets were a little more accurate and gave less recoil than the 180gr. Recoil wasn't bad. This is a .30-06 after all, so recoil will always be noticeable. The 180gr performed well also. Recoil was quite a bit more noticeable than the 165gr. but was no worse than other 180gr loads. Velocity was measured with a CED Millennium chronograph placed 12 feet from the muzzle, as per the manufacturers recommendation. The table below outlines the results of my range session.

    Drop @ 200yds.
    Avg. Velocity
    Precision Plus 165gr 0.875" 2.5" 2.75" 2830fps
    Precision Plus 180gr 1.125" 2.875" 3.125" 2728fps

    The advertised muzzle velocity from Georgia Arms is: 2800fps for the 165gr and 2700fps for the 180gr. The results of this test are close to those. The 165gr averaged 2830fps, with a duplicate of 2815, and the 180gr averaged 2728fps.

    The ammo supplied by Georgia Arms performed well. It's flawless feeding and reliable extraction was nice. The accuracy was not spectacular, but impressive for commercial ammunition. I've seen a lot worse that was more expensive, and the clear plastic ammo boxes are a nice bonus. One can tell Georgia Arms pays attention to quality, which is very important when you consider your next shot could be the shot of a lifetime.

    The Georgia Arms "Precision Plus" 165gr and 180gr ammunition are sold in 20 round boxes.

    Ammo Review Reminder:
    While we always include accuracy and results in our testing of any ammunition, we want to remind our readers that each individual firearm will have it's own unique preference when it comes to ammo. For that reason we remind you not to read too much into the accuracy results for ammo tested in a particular firearm or judge it solely based on what the targets look like. The author could have been having an off day, the conditions could have been poor, or possibly that particular firearm just didn't like that particular ammo. For that reason we suggest you place more weight on the included bullet run-out and/or chronograph data (when available) which is a better gauge of the consistency and quality of the ammunition.
    Contact Information
    Georgia Arms

    15 Industrial Court East
    Villa Rica, GA
    (770) 459 - 5117

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    1. big honkin jeep's Avatar
      big honkin jeep -
      Thanks for the review Jim. I have been pleased with several of their products as well including their 7.62x39 125gr ballistic tip hunting ammo and their "Deer Stopper" line for handguns. With the bonded Speer bullets and +P powder charges I have found it to be very effective in .357 magnum. So far 3 shots on deer inside 50 yards and 3 down with 2 bangflops. The "deer stopper" handgun ammo I have been hunting with I have had for years and is actually a load from many years ago when Georgia had a handgun minimum energy requirement of 500 ft/lbs at 100 yards. At the time, this ammo claimed to be about the only thing around to meet those numbers and is very hot utilizing a speer gold dot bullet and carrying a +P+ designation. One things for sure it's called "Deer Stopper" and that"s exactly what it does, and very well I might add.

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