• Savage Arms 2016 Catalog (PDF)

    While much of the industry was sitting back watching to see what was going to happen with the overall market that was still in the process of resetting after the boom years, Savage Arms decided to be aggressive and introduced more than twenty new models to the catalog for 2016 - half of which are brand new designs.

    For starters, Savage expanded their Specialty Series with the addition of the Model 16/116 Lightweight Hunter, which we reviewed here. Given the success of the previously released Model 11/111 Lightweight Hunter with a walnut stock and blued finish, Savage decided to add a stainless steel and synthetic stocked version for those wanting something more resistant to the elements and rough terrain encountered in the field.

    Also in the Specialty Series is the new Model 42 Takedown. You may remember that when I reviewed the Model 42 on this site back in May of 2014 that I mentioned that Savage really needed to make a takedown version. I guess someone at Savage was listening.

    Moving on to the Axis II Series, Savage saw fit to add two new package models. The first is the Axis II XP Hardwood featuring a 3-9x40mm Weaver optic and walnut finished hardwood stock. The second new model is the Axis II XP Stainless equiped with the same Weaver optic, synthetic stock and stainless steel barreled action.

    The BMag series also saw three new models added to it's ranks. The B.Mag Sporter features a gray laminate stock in a classic sporter style with flat comb. The B.Mag Blued Heavy Barrel (as the name implies) has a blued finish and heavy barrel contour that is paired up to a black synthetic stock. The B.Mag Heavy Barrel Laminate stock has a blued finish, heavy barrel, and a Monte Carlo Sporter gray laminate stock.

    Brand new for 2016 is the A-Series semi-automatic rimfire design that utilizes a delayed blowback system specifically designed for magnum rimfire cartridges and a10-round rotary magazine. The A17 is the entry level 17 HMR model featuring a sporter weight barrel and black synthetic stock, and we reviewed it here with a follow-up review here. The A17 Target Thumbhole features a heavy barrel and a gray laminate thumbhole stock. The A17 Target Sporter Laminate features a heavy barrel and Classic Sporter gray laminate stock. Finally, the A22 Magnum in .22 WMR features a sporter weight barrel and black synthetic stock.

    Several new camouflage stocked models were added to the Stevens 320 pump-action shotgun line for 2016 as well. The 320 Field Obsession Camo features a 22" barrel and appears to be geared towards turkey hunters. The 320 Field Shadow Grass Blades Camo can be had in both 12-gauge (28") and 20-gauge (26"). Two 20-gauge Muddy Girl Camo options were added as well, a Compact model (26") and a Youth model (22").

    Last but not least we have an all new semi-automatic shotgun design in the Stevens 1200 Series. This model looked to be identical to the Stoeger 3000 semi-auto shotgun utilizing Benelli's Inertia Driven System Technology. It was my understanding that the S1200 was to be made in Turkey, but the deal must have fallen through or there was a production issue of some sort as only a few samples were ever imported to the United States. Nonetheless the catalog listed the following S1200 models for 2016:

    • Stevens S1200 26"

    • Stevens S1200 28"

    • Stevens S1200 Walnut (28")

    • Stevens S1200 Bottomlands Camo (28")

    • Stevens S1200 Shadow Grass Blades Camo (28")

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