• Savage Arms 125th Anniversary Limited Edition Model 110

    In 1894, Savage® forever changed the world of firearms with a commitment to a higher standard in quality. We’re marking the milestone with this limited-run 125th Anniversary Edition Model 110 collector’s rifle. Only 1,894 will be built, each crafted with a high-gloss Monte Carlo walnut stock, along with special engraving on the receiver, grip cap and detachable box magazine. The rifle offers the performance of all Model 110s thanks to a carbon steel barreled action, button-rifled barrel, drilled and tapped receiver, and user-adjustable AccuTrigger™. It's your chance to own a work of art and a piece of Savage history.



    • 110 Bolt Action Rifle
    • Walnut Monte Carlo Stock with Cheek Piece and Gloss Finish
    • Carbon Steel Barreled Action
    • Drilled & tapped Receiver
    • Detachable Box Magazine with Engraved Bottom Metal
    • Engraved Receiver
    • Engraved Grip Cap
    • AccuTrigger

    Chamber options for the 125th Anniversary Model 110 are limited to .243 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, .250 Savage, .300 Savage and .308 Winchester.

    Special Note: Limited Quantity Available – Only 1,894 Will Be Built
    All 125th Anniversary guns will be built in our Special Order Shop. We will be building guns quarterly throughout 2019. Orders will take 16-20 weeks depending on order date, to arrive at the designated FFL.

    Order form can be found at this link: https://www.savagearms.com/savage-anniversary

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    1. wbm's Avatar
      wbm -
    1. Minooka's Avatar
      Minooka -
      These wont last long so dont sit on your hands love the logo should be on all their rifles
    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      I really, really want one of these - but I'm having a real hard time trying to justify $1,500 for a Savage 110, especially a righty that probably shouldn't ever be shot to preserve it's collector value. Savage only made a little over 500 of the old 110PE and 110PEL's back in the late 1960's - less than 1/3 the number of these they intend to make, and after 50 years they still rarely fetch much more than what one of these costs. You'll see one listed for-sale for a lot more from time to time, but they rarely ever sell at those prices. One also has to remember that back in 2009/2010 dealers still had 50th Anniversary Model 110's lingering on the shelves - many of which they ended up selling for $600-700 and Savage only made 1,000 of those (some claim they made far less than that due to lack of orders for them).

      At least this 125th Anniversary edition looks 1,000 times better than the rather gawdy 50th Anniversary edition they put out in 2008 with it's odd engraving and gold inlays.
    1. PhilC's Avatar
      PhilC -
      I looked up a 50th after your reference to it and that was my first thought too. The 125th versions are nice, but, that's a chunk of change I can put to better use. :-(
    1. Minooka's Avatar
      Minooka -
      These are for people who can afford them and not use them, so if you have to think about the price you should pass like myself.i also think you should be able to order it in any caliber you want
    1. Firefighter's Avatar
      Firefighter -
      I shoot and hunt with my 50th Anniverary Addition all the time, it is the 300 Savage,,why should I let it sit in its case, when it is still worth the same money as what i paid for it? I paid $800 new,,,it also gets alot of looks at the range and thats what i like as i like to show off my Savages.
    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      I would have liked to have seen Savage do like Ruger did a few years back with the 50th Anniversary 10/22's. Every one they made that year was marked 50th Anniversary - typically on the bolt. Savage could have done the same thing with the 110's with some simple text engraving on the non-port side of the action. Nothing fancy, just something indicating it was made in the 125th Anniversary year. Something like this...

      Attachment 5665

      That said, they may be doing something minimalistic like this which we haven't seen yet. Maybe special grip caps or laser etching on the bolt body. Guess time will tell.

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