• Savage 110 Tactical LH in .308 Win. Review

    For 2018 Savage Arms decided to make a major change to their bolt-action centerfire rifle lineup by renaming several models using the original "110" nomenclature. For the past twenty years Savage has used a two or three digit model numbering system
    to differentiate between short-action (two digit) and long-action (three digit) rifles. Prior to 1998 however, all Savage rifles based on the 110 action design were designated with a three digit model number. As you can imagine this has created a lot of confusion for Savage enthusiasts and owners - especially those who aren't fully educated on the complete 60 year history of the 110 design. For those not in the know, you can rest assured that Savage is still making short-actions for rifles chambered in short-action cartridges, even if it has "110" in the model name.

    The new Model 110 Tactical LH in .308 Winchester that we are discussing here today is one of those newly renamed models, and being the .308 Win. is a short-action cartridge I can assure you that it's wearing a true short-action receiver with 4.40" action screw spacing. This model [and it's right-hand counterparts] replace the old Model 10FCP models that Savage offered last year. While some may not like the confusion that has been caused by the renaming, I don't think anyone can argue that the changes found on the new 110 Tactical are all major improvements over the previous model.

    The Model 110 Tactical LH is only offered in .308 Winchester, but the right-hand models are also available in 6mm Creedmoor and 6.5mm Creedmoor. The LH model comes fitted with a 24-inch fluted heavy barrel with a 1 in 10" rate of twist and a threaded muzzle to accept a muzzle device such as a brake or suppressor. The barrel is mated to a blueprinted Savage short-action receiver outfitted with an extended tactical bolt handle and Savage's most excellent AccuTrigger which can be adjusted down to around 1.5 pounds. Savage also includes a 20 MOA tapered EGW picatinney rail with the 110 Tactical models.

    Savage made two significant changes to the old Model 10 FCP-SR when they renamed it for this year, that being the addition of their all new AccuFit Stock System and the change back to using an AICS-style magazine. As we covered in our review of the Model 110 Storm earlier this year, the new AccuFit Stock System builds upon the existing AccuStock system through the addition interchangeable comb risers and length-of-pull spacers. These new risers and spacers allow the shooter to tailor fit their rifle to their specific build and shooting style ensuring proper eye alignment with the scope and reach to the trigger. All of the different risers and spacers are included in the box with the rifle so there is nothing extra to purchase separately. It's a simple yet very effective system, and while it lacks the ability to be adjusted "on the fly" it's simplicity helps to keep the cost down.

    As noted above, the other major change for 2018 was the move back to an AICS-style magazine. When Savage first came out with the Model 10FCP-SR a few years ago it came with an MDT magazine which uses the AICS pattern and AICS compatible bottom metal. The following year Savage came out with their own proprietary 10-round magazine that worked with their proprietary DBM bottom metal, and refitted the rifle with those components much to the dismay of many of our forum members. Fortunately that decision has been rectified for 2018 as Savage has equipped the new 110 Tactical models with an all new AICS-pattern bottom metal as well as a Magpul 10-round 7.62 AC magazine.

    Making the change back to the AICS-style magazine just makes sense for a couple of reasons. First, AICS magazines have proven themselves to be extremely reliable and durable in both competition. law enforcement and military use, and it's that dependability that has made it the number one go-to magazine type for most all new firearms being made specifically for PRS-style competition and tactical purposes by both mass manufacturers and custom makers. Second, going to an AICS magazine offers variety as there are several companies out there who make AICS compatible magazines in different materials and sizes so the customer can opt for a metal or plastic magazine in their choice of 5 or 10-round capacity. Lastly, some of the AICS pattern magazines cost less than Savage's proprietary magazine which helps to keep more of your hard earned money in your own pocket.

    The AccuFit stock fitted to the 110 Tactical (and 110 Varmint) varies slightly from the stock used on other AccuFit models in that the forearm has been widened into a beavertail design and the rubber over-molding in the grip areas have been replaced with molded-in checkering. Ergonomically
    the stock on the 110 tactical is identical to the 110 Storms' sporter stock from the magazine well to the butt and uses the same comb risers and L.O.P. spacers.

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    1. yoda4x4's Avatar
      yoda4x4 -
      Hey Jim - what size rings did you have on with that 3-21x50 Bushnell? I'm guessing high.

    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      Those were Warne 34mm Fixed Medium's that are 0.375" from the top of the scope rail to the bottom of the maintube.
    1. mdewitt71's Avatar
      mdewitt71 -
      Great review... think I want one haha.
      What after market stocks are available for it?
    1. leo7's Avatar
      leo7 -
      just got one,it's heavy and about 49" long w/comp, waited for more pmags.you're review made me feel good bout taking the leap.I got 5 brands &weights of ammo and when the range opens we're going on a first date cause now you got me looking at it ,it's saying shoot me! Shoot me. Thanks Leo7
    1. leo7's Avatar
      leo7 -
      just got one,it's heavy and about 49" long w/comp, waited for more pmags.you're review made me feel good bout taking the leap.I got 5 brands &weights of ammo and when the range opens we're going on a first date cause now you got me looking at it ,it's saying shoot me! Shoot me. Thanks Leo7