• Sierra Bullets Update: 224 Valkyrie Data

    The Bulletsmiths at Sierra Bullets typically recommend a 6.5 twist barrel for the #9290 22 cal 90 gr HPBT bullet. However, for cartridges like the .224 Valkyrie that can push them over 2,650 fps muzzle velocity, a 7 twist barrel will stabilize the bullet correctly.

    Test Specifications/

    Firearm Used: Universal Receiver
    Barrel Length: 24
    Twist: 1-8
    Case: Starline Brass for bullets 52-63 grain and Federal Premium for bullets 69-95 grains

    Trim-to Length:
    Primer: Winchester WSR

    The 224 Valkyrie, developed by Federal Cartridge Co., is based upon the 6.8 SPC Remington case. The case length is shorter than the 223 Remington affording the use of heavier match grade bullets with very long ogives and high ballistic coefficients (BC) in a semi-automatic firearm at magazine friendly overall lengths.This offers a distinct advantage over the 223 Remington, where the same bullets must be single-fed. Less recoil than many of the other favored competition cartridges is another notable benefit to the 224 Valkyrie.

    Super-sonic velocities at ranges greater than the 223 Remington and the 6.5 Grendel can achieve at magazine length are also an advantage with the 224 Valkyrie.

    As rifle competition venues get longer and faster, the 224 Valkyrie should certainly grab the attention of those who favor the AR platform, but the Valkyrie will perform very well out of all action types.

    Click here to download the 224 Valkyrie load data.