• .224 Valkyrie Load Data from Alliant Powders

    Alliant Powders has just released load data for the .224 Valkyrie developed with the 60-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet and the 90-grain Sierra MatchKing bullet and four of their powders. The barrel used in testing was 24-inches in length with a SAAMI spec chamber. These loads should be considered MAX loads so be sure to back off 10% for your starting loads and work up to them. Maximum OAL is listed as 2.60" and Max Pressure is listed at 55,000psi MAP per SAAMI.

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      Somethings missing!
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      And what would that be?
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      Robinhood,If you click on the chart the whole thing comes up.
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      Robinhood,If you click on the chart the whole thing comes up.
      Thank you 243.

      Jim, my mind?
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      I made a estimated 224 Valkyrie in Quickload from using online measurements from reviews and using a 6.8 SPC case necked down to a .224. Reloader 15 (28.6) with Nosler 60gr gave me with a 24" barrel - 3233fps. 20" - 3095fps . 18" - 3012fps. AR Comp (26.4) 24"- 3235fps. 20"- 3113 fps. 18" - 3037fps. This is to show what you might see in fps drop off with barrels with early very rough data.
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      may get AR guys hot, but the 22-250 in a 9 twist will smoke that caliber