• Savage Detachable Magazines: Axis and Premium

    In recent years Savage Arms has created a lot of confusion for their customers by offering two different detachable box magazine (DBM) systems on their 110-series rifles. The two styles are the Axis style and the Premium style, and the following video covers the differences between the two.

    The Premium style DBM originally hit the market in 2005 and coincided with the launch of the new centerfeed magazine system that replaced the old stagger-feed magazines. Most all variations of the 110-series rifles produced since 2005 have been offered with the Premium style DBM over the last 13 years. Going into 2018, all of the freshly updated Model 110's featuring the new AccuFit stock system will utilize the Premium DBM, as well as other premium models which haven't been updated as of yet.

    As noted in the video this style is easily identified by the metal bottom cap on the magazine and the separate metal magazine surround/latch hardware for the stock. Rifles with both the Bottom Bolt Release (BBR) and Top Bolt Release (TBR) can be had with this magazine type.

    The Axis style DBM, as the name implies, originate with the introduction of the Savage Axis series of rifles when it was introduced in 2008. A few years later Savage started using this style of magazine on several of the more budget oriented 110-series models such as the Trophy Hunter package guns, as well as on some Specialty models where weight was a concern such as on the Model 11/111 Lady Hunter, the Model 11/111 Lightweight Hunter, and the Model 16/116 Lightweight Hunter. Going into 2018, the new 110-series rifles which feature an adjustable length of pull but not the AccuFit system also use the Axis style magazine.

    As the video outlined, this style is easily identified by the plastic magazine bottom cap with the integral magazine catch. Stocks for the Axis style magazines typically do not have a separate surround as it is generally molded into the stock, but there were a few early models (and the wood stocked Lady Hunter) that used a separate plastic magazine surround. 110-based models with the Axis-style magazine will always feature the Bottom Bolt Release (BBR).

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      Charleslv -
      Great video....
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      And now the AICS magazine like my 110 6.5CM came with :)
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      The AICS is a totally different magazine system which is why it wasn't covered here. The Axis and Premium style magazine share the same mag housings and followers.
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      Great job Jim!!!