• Savage Magazines: Identifying Centerfeed or Stagger-feed

    One question we see quite often on the forum is from those new to Savage rifles who are confused about the differences between centerfeed and stagger-feed magazines. The following video outlines the differences in the two and how to easily identify which type of magazine your rifle has.

    As noted in the video, the centerfeed magazines were first introduced in 2004 and were slowly phased into production for all cartridges over the following four years. By the start of 2008 all new 110-series rifles leaving the Savage Arms factory were equipped with centerfeed magazines. All Savage 110-series rifles made in 2003 or earlier will have a stagger-feed magazine. Those made between 2004 and the end of 2007 may be either depending on when exactly they were made and what cartridge they were chambered for.

    Editors Note: My apologies for the slightly grainy up-close footage. Apparently it's a side-effect of using the Narrow field-of-view setting on the GoPro Hero5.

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      Charleslv -
      Does any one have comments?
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      Crossdawg -
      Very cool video. I am a total stranger to Savages and was confused as to the centerfeed/staggerfeed options when looking at stocks. I recently picked up a model 110 in hopes of building up a long range type shooter. Thanks for clearing it up for us newbs.
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      J.Baker -
      Not a problem. Hoping to do some more videos like this to show the differences between the changes over the years, but unfortunately I don't have all the various iterations in my collection to use as examples.