• Savage Unveils New Model 110 Series

    Savage’s legendary Model 110 rifles just went under the knife. First, the iconic firearm manufacturer gave the storied series an extreme makeover that includes a fresh look. Next came the launch of the all-new user-adjustable AccuFit system, which allows shooters to customize fit to make the most of their rifle’s accuracy potential—without a trip to a gunsmith.

    Savage created the Model 110 in 1958 to give hunters a hard-hitting, accurate rifle that was also lightweight and economical. Today it owns the distinction of being the oldest continuously manufactured bolt-action rifle in North America—and its fans are legion.

    Esteemed Field & Stream gun writer David E. Petzal summed up its appeal and prevalence in a recent article, calling the model 110 the “pre-eminent rifle, both in pure factory form and as the basis for custom guns.” He added, “I can’t think of anything equivalent in the shooting sports. If you walk down the firing line of F-Class competitions, the overwhelming majority of what you see will be out-of-the-box Savages or modified Savages, or true custom rifles built on the Savage action.

    The Model 110 design has been enhanced over the years, including the addition of the AccuTrigger and AccuStock. The line also leverages the technologies that set all Savage centerfire rifles apart, including a floating bolt head, zero-tolerance headspacing and precision button-rifled barrels.

    Considering its proven track record, Savage didn’t take the task of tweaking the popular platform lightly. The company took a hard look at every facet of the Model 110. As a result, the project blossomed from a simple cosmetic facelift to a full-fledged redesign that saw teams of engineers and designers engaged in a two-pronged pursuit of the next plateau in fit, form and function.

    An Accurate Fit
    The conversation started with style and aesthetics,” explains Beth Shimanski, Savage Arms Senior Marketing Manager. “Everyone agreed we needed to freshen up the Model 110. As we got further into the process, however, we started thinking a lot more about the individual shooter—what their unique needs are and what drives them to ultimately go to a gunsmith. That’s when we decided to really raise the bar and make the gun fit better too, and the AccuFit system was born.

    As serious target shooters can attest, proper fit is paramount to consistent accuracy. “Competitive shooters wouldn’t dream of shooting a rifle that doesn’t fit them properly,” says Shimanski. “In contrast, most hunters are content with a one-size-fits-all philosophy—which explains why fit remains one of the major obstacles standing in their way of enjoying more consistent shooting.

    A form-fitting rifle offers more benefits than feeling good when you throw it up to your shoulder. The right length of pull and comb height give you a solid cheek-to-stock connection, proper eye relief and comfortable, personalized fit—which collectively add up to improved, repeatable shooting form.

    There’s nothing magical about fit that mechanically makes a rifle shoot any more accurately,” says Shimanski. “But proper fit allows you to shoulder the gun and align your eye with the sights in a consistent manner, without having to move your head around to compensate for being the wrong height and distance from the scope. And better shooting form boosts accuracy.

    Shimanski draws a comparison to archery. “When you pull back a bow, you settle on an anchor point. If that point moves from one shot to another, you won’t be very consistent. The same thing is true with a rifle. If you’re not shouldering the firearm consistently from shot to shot, there will be differences in where your shots land downrange. It won’t punish you as severely as with a bow, but your accuracy with a rifle will suffer.

    She also notes that the dynamics of hunting often demand quick shots taken from a variety of positions. “The ability to quickly shoulder the rifle and confidently take the shot, versus struggling to find your anchor point and line up the scope, can mean the difference between tagging a trophy and missing,” she says. “Savage’s AccuFit system lets you dial in the perfect fit, so there’s less room for error at the moment of truth.

    How AccuFit Works

    AccuFit features adjustable components that allow hunters to custom-fit both comb height and length of pull without taking their rifle to the gunsmith. In fact, the only tool needed is a Phillips-head screwdriver.

    Comb height is controlled by five riser settings, adjustable in 1/8-inch increments. “Simply select the riser that creates cheek-to-stock contact and aligns your line of sight parallel to the barrel or scope,” Shimanski explains.

    Length of pull (LOP), the distance from the shooter’s inner elbow to the middle of the trigger finger, is likewise fully adaptable to the shooter’s stature by using up to four inserts included with the rifle.

    Add or remove the inserts to ensure proper eye relief and establish a comfortable fit,” says Shimanski, noting that establishing the correct length of pull means faster target acquisition, better control and improved accuracy.

    No matter which combination of adjustments you make, the Savage Model 110 won’t become unbalanced. “The system was engineered to maintain proper balance with the barrel, even at the highest riser setting and longest stock extension, so the rifle won’t become tail-heavy,” she says.

    While target shooters might compulsively tweak their guns on the range, Shimanski says far fewer refinements are required for hunting situations. “Once the rifle is set, you shouldn’t have to make changes for different shooting positions and conditions,” she says. “But it is easy to make seasonal adjustments as needed—such as shortening the stock to accommodate wearing bulkier clothing during cold-weather hunts.

    Shimanski also points out that Savage was careful to consider hunter-centric concerns not addressed by other adjustable guns on the market.

    For example, some rifles have external knobs for adjusting the cheek piece,” she says. “But these can snag on brush and clothing. AccuFit was built to be snag-free, so it won’t hang up, even if you’re belly-crawling through the grass.

    The Model 110 also looks like a hunting rifle. “Other adjustable guns out there look like they’re built for tactical and long-range competitive shooting,” she says. “This is a custom-fit hunting rifle that has all the elements of a precision target stock, but still looks and feels like it belongs in the field.

    Improve Your Game
    Shimanski is convinced the Model 110 will help hunters and shooters of all stripes hit the mark. “There’s no doubt in my mind that shooters of all ability levels are going to be more consistent with the Model 110 than the rifles they’re using now—even if those guns are older Model 110s,” she says. “Those are great rifles built off of an accurate and reliable action, but AccuFit is a game-changer that will allow hunters to confidently make the toughest shots in all conditions.”

    And together with the AccuTrigger and AccuStock, the rifles address the top three things shooters usually have gunsmiths do—right out of the box.

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    1. penna shooter's Avatar
      penna shooter -
    1. big honkin jeep's Avatar
      big honkin jeep -
      I like the concept. Cant wait to see one in person, and like most of us here maybe take one apart. LOL
      Preferably a 16/116FLCSAK in standard hunting calibers. (hint hint Savage)
    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      They seem to have moved away from the adjustable brake models of the past in recent years in favor of doing more threaded muzzles for suppressors. Never much cared for the factory brakes - not very efficient so not very good at reducing recoil, but at least you could turn them off so you didn't blow your ears out while hunting.
    1. bearcatrp's Avatar
      bearcatrp -
      Concept looks good. if its plastic, not for me. Plastic is cold in the winter and will crack easy if bumped hard. Would want some kind of soft rubber for check piece. Would be nice if they sell just the chassis to update older rifles too.
    1. Robinhood's Avatar
      Robinhood -
      Shimanski tells us that most people go to a gunsmith for stock fitment? Replacing the stock and woooing it as a new model is just like what her department does? Why not refine the timing and bolt lift. The Axis style firing pins and springs do help some and I';m sure they will find their way into all models eventually but htis is the lipstick on the pig scenario. I like the stagger fed models anyway....and lets do control feed while we are there.

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