• Savage Arms: Reinventing the Model 110

    Since its initial introduction in 1958, the Savage® Model 110 platform has served hunters and shooters as a hard-hitting, accurate rifle that’s also lightweight and economical. That reputation has helped make it the oldest continuously manufactured bolt-action rifle in North America.

    Now it’s even better with the new Model 110 Big Game and Specialty series. The revamped rifles have received a fresh look and a full complement of new and improved features, as well as longstanding technologies that have made Savage rifles the most accurate out-of-the-box firearms on the market. Customized performance is the hallmark of the redesign. In short, the new rifles solve the three main issues shooters usually pay a gunsmith to address—fit, trigger pull, and bedding the action.

    The highlight is the all-new user-adjustable AccuFit system, which allows shooters to customize both length-of-pull and comb height to make the most of their rifle’s accuracy potential. All it takes is a few turns of a Phillips head screwdriver and inserts included with the rifle to adjust drop at comb by as much as 5/8 inch, and length-of-pull by a full inch. The custom fit created by these adjustments not only feels good but gives you a solid cheek-to-stock connection and proper eye relief—which collectively add up to improved, repeatable shooting form.

    Then there’s the AccuTrigger. When Savage launched it, the system literally changed the way the firearms industry builds triggers—and what shooters expect from them. It’s still as slick as ever and an integral part of all Model 110s, allowing shooters to safely adjust pull weight without a gunsmith, and eliminating accuracy-robbing creep.

    The new Savage Arms Model 110 Storm with AccuFit is the replacement for the previous Model 16/116 Weather Warrior line.

    The new Savage Arms Model 110 Storm with AccuFit is the replacement for the previous Model 16/116 Weather Warrior line.

    The AccuStock is also standard issue for all of the Model 110 Specialty and Big Game Series rifles. The system consists of a rigid chassis imbedded in the stock. The beauty is that while conventional stocks contact the action at one or two points, the AccuStock engages it three-dimensionally along its entire length. The secure connection ensures the utmost accuracy and consistency.

    All of Savage’s new Model 110s also leverage technologies the company has used for decades to further dial-in performance. These include a floating bolt head, zero-tolerance headspacing and hand straightened, button-rifled barrels. Each adds a new layer to the accuracy equation.

    In addition to all of the performance upgrades, the new Model 110 Big Game and Specialty rifles feature a new modern look, improved ergonomics, and soft grip fore-end and pistol grip surfaces. The result is a diverse family of rifles that fit in a modern hunting camp or range setting, without losing the unmistakable appearance shooters will instantly recognize as their favorite rifle platform.

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      I see a lot of confusion in the future.....
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      Quote Originally Posted by sharpshooter View Post
      I see a lot of confusion in the future.....
      Yeah, but like most things it has to get worse before it gets better.

      I do think this is a move in the right direction though. How many times a day do we get questions on here about whether this or that part from a Model 10 will fit a Model 12 or can I put a Model 111 stock on my 116? Going back to everything being a Model 110 (like it was in the beginning) means the only thing people have to worry about is whether it's a long action or short action 110. Of course the confusion will be "but I thought 3-digit model numbers were all long-actions..." Maybe going Model 10 for short actions and Model 110 for long actions across the board would have been a better (less confusing) step, but if you look at any other brand they don't have different designations for long/short actions. We all just have to unlearn what we already know and are used to. Easier said than done!

      Yep! It's going to get interesting around here (not that it wasn't already).
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      I don't think it will get better........there's still the confusion of a short action 110 from 1960.

      If they wanted to clarify things, they should have started from scratch and assigned completely new model numbers for the new models, not just names.