• Savage Introduces All-New 224 Valkyrie Modern Sporting Rifle

    WESTFIELD, Massachusetts - Savage is pleased to introduce a modern sporting rifle built to squeeze the maximum performance from the hottest new round in long-range shooting. The new Savage MSR 15 Valkyrie is chambered for Federal Premium Ammunition’s 224 Valkyrie. Together, rifle and cartridge take the popular MSR 15 platform to unheard of heights in long-range precision and ballistic performance. Savage will showcase the new 224 Valkyrie MSR at the 2018 SHOT Show January 23-26 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    The 224 Valkyrie produces flat trajectories, supersonic velocities up to 1,300 yards downrange and match-grade accuracy. Plus, it produces only half the recoil of larger cartridges needed to achieve comparable trajectories.

    The competition-ready MSR 15 Valkyrie gets the most from the new cartridge’s unprecedented capabilities with an upgraded 18-inch barrel with 5R rifling and a crisp two-stage trigger. Its Elite Series Cerakote finish forms a tough, protective layer on the upper and lower, and its adjustable mid-length gas system can be customized to specific ammunition for the most reliable cycling.

    Features & Benefits
    • MSR 15 Recon platform built around the new 224 Valkyrie, which offers the best performance of any MSR 15 cartridge
    • Elite Series Cerakote upper and lower
    • Two-stage trigger
    • Hogue pistol grip
    • UBR Gen 2 buttstock
    • Forward assist
    • Muzzle brake with 1/2x28, Class 3 barrel thread
    • Adjustable gas block
    • 18-inch barrel with 5R rifling
    • Mid-length gas system

    Part No. / Description / MSRP
    22939 / MSR 15 Valkyrie, 224 Valkyrie / $1,499

    Learn more about Savage, visit www.savagearms.com.

    About Savage
    Headquartered in Westfield, Massachusetts for more than 100 years, Savage is one of the world's largest manufacturers of hunting, competition and self-defense centerfire and rimfire rifles, and shotguns. Their fire are best known for accuracy and value. The entrepreneurial spirit that originally defined the company is still evident in its ongoing focus on continuous innovations, craftsmanship, quality and service.

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    1. LoneWolf's Avatar
      LoneWolf -
      I may actually pick one of these up.....
    1. penna shooter's Avatar
      penna shooter -
    1. 243LPR's Avatar
      243LPR -
      Wonder why they went mid length gas?
    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      Has an adjustable gas block, so mid-length probably gives them a little more flexibility.
    1. bearcatrp's Avatar
      bearcatrp -
      Hoping Savage releases a bolt action in the FCP series or the stealth series. Fluted 24-26 inch barrel too. come on Savage, DO IT!
    1. 243LPR's Avatar
      243LPR -
      Quote Originally Posted by MrFurious View Post
      Has an adjustable gas block, so mid-length probably gives them a little more flexibility.
      Missed that in specs

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