• How to Fix Light Strikes on a Savage Bolt-Action Rimfire

    My rifle's firing pin has a square of metal, that stops the forward movement of the firing pin, when the square strikes the breech face, of the barrel. The square of metal had to be reduced. There are better ways (equipment like mills, etc.) to do this. But, the way I increased the forward movement of the firing pin works.

    1) Remove bolt from rifle. Then uncock the action. Watch out for a pinched finger!

    2) Use 3/16 Allen wrench to remove bolt cap. Remove the spring and the spring guide rod.

    3) Before proceeding further I cleaned the end of the guide rod with alcohol. I then placed a drop of orange paint on the end of the rod. The paint was drying while I worked on the firing pin. I now have a visual indicator, to show when the rifle is cocked.

    4) I used a bench block and a 5/64ths roll punch, to drive out the firing pin, pin. A piece of wood with a hole in it can be used. Be sure the pin is vertical before trying to drive it out. I couldn't tap mine out. I had to HIT IT! If that doesn't work for you, get a larger hammer. It wouldn't hurt to have an extra 5/64ths roll pin punch on hand.

    5) When the pin is out, remove the firing pin. I used a piece of paper towel to prevent my small vise grips from marring, twisting, denting, or in any manner harming the actual firing pin.

    6) I then used a fine stone to work the square of metal down. Use a straight edge to verify that the firing pin does not protrude beyond the head of the bolt, when the firing pin is pushed and held as far forward a it will go. Then 1,000 grit sand paper, on a popsicle stick to smooth it up. Now would be the time to do any other polishing to the firing pin. I did very little to mine.

    7) Re-assemble the bolt. Be sure to re-cock it. Then insert into rifle action and enjoy your rifle.

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    1. Zero333's Avatar
      Zero333 -
      What's the difference between this bolt and a 2 piece MK-II bolt ???
    1. Igotrightstoo's Avatar
      Igotrightstoo -
      I don’t understand what the problem was with the factory firing pin. I have a 3 year old 93R17 BTVLSS 17HMR that has fired over 2000 rounds without a hitch of any kind. Please clarify what the driving factor to perform firing pin surgery on your rimfire rifle. Also, what make, model, and caliber are we talking about?