• Brownells 12 and 20-Gauge Key Chain Choke Gauge

    If you're into older guns as I am, one of the biggest problems is knowing for certain what the actual choke constriction is on an older fixed choke shotgun. Depending on brand they may not be marked, or they may have a coded marking (asterisks or the like) and if you don't know the code you can't determine the choke. There's also the possibility that sometime during shotgun's lifetime one of the previous owners had the choke opened up - not an uncommon occurrence with shotguns that originally came with a fixed full choke.

    This handy choke gauge is made by Galazan is small enough to carry in your pocket and makes it quick and easy to check the choke constriction on any 12 or 20-gauge shotgun. This Key Chain Choke Gauge is p/n 344-120-250 and can be purchased from www.Brownells.com