• Federal Premium 22LR Field & Range Bulk Packs

    For 2017 Federal Premium has released a couple new bulk packs of 22 Long Rifle rimfire ammunition, the 275ct. Field Pack and the 275ct. Range Pack. The Field Pack ammunition features a 38-grain copper-plated hollow point bullet with an advertised velocity of 1,200fps. The Range Pack features a 40-grain lead round nose bullet with an advertised velocity of 1,200fps. Federalís official press release reads as follows:

    Perfect your skills on targets and be ready for the woods with new Federal 22 Long Rifle 275-round Range & Field Bulk Packs. The range load features a consistent 40-grain lead round nose bullet
    thatís perfect for targets, while the field round offers an accurate 38-grain copper-plated hollow point suited for small game and varmints. They provide nearly identical ballistics, reducing or eliminating the need to adjust sights when shifting between loads. Improved manufacturing processes have also enhanced the accuracy of both rounds.

    Features & Benefits

    • 40-grain lead round nose ideal for accurate, high-performance range shooting
    • 38-grain copper-plated hollow point great for small game and varmint hunting
    • Ballistically matched loads provide similar aiming point
    • Improved accuracy due to improved manufacturing processes
    • 275-round bulk packs

    As the names imply one is geared towards target shooting (Range) and the other towards small game hunting (Field). MSRP for the Range Pack is $20.95, while the Field Packís MSRP is slightly higher at $22.95.

    Initial inspection of the ammo showed nothing out of the ordinary. The copper-plating on the Field Pack rounds is well bonded with no signs of any flaking, and the bullets in both the Field and Range Packs have just a slight amount of wiggle to them in their brass cases. Average weight of five rounds of the 40gr Range Pack load is 51.9 grains, while the 38gr Field Pack loadís average came in one grain lighter at 50.9 grains.

    As previously noted, both the Field and Range Packs have an advertised velocity of 1,200fps. During my testing I shot 50 rounds of the Field Pack and 40 rounds of the Range Pack through my CED Millennium chronograph which resulted in an average velocity of 1,242.48fps for the Field Pack and 1,141.9fps for the Range Pack. Extreme Spread and Standard Deviation was fairly decent for both as shown in the charts below.

    In terms of accuracy, the Field Pack showed some promise but the Range Pack didnít fare so well with this particular rifle. The rifle used for testing was a Savage Arms B22 FV with a Bushnell 3-12x40mm Rimfire Optic scope. Conditions during testing werenít the best with 8-10mph quartering headwind with gusts pushing upwards of 20mph. Of the 275 rounds of each fired at 50 yards during the accuracy testing I only managed a handful of five-shot groups that went sub-MOA with the Field Pack, and none went under a half-inch with the Range Pack ammo. The vast majority of my groups fell into the 1-2 MOA range, though some slipped well into the 2-3 MOA range. Again, the windy conditions of the day played a big role in those results. Best group with the Field Pack was a 0.369″, while the best with the Range Pack was a 0.562″.

    I will note that I have shot much better and more consistent groups with this ammo since this testing was done, but it was on several different days so I am only including the results from the day I shot both types under the same conditions.

    During the course of testing I didnít experience any feeding, extraction or ejection issues with this ammo. I didnít experience any dud rounds that failed to fire and both types of ammo cycled reliably in my both Ruger 10/22 and Ruger Mk III Hunter.

    Overall I would rate the Field Pack a B/B+ as the accuracy potential is there if the conditions are right and it agrees with your rifle. The Range Pack gets a slightly lower B/B- grade as it just didnít shoot quiet as well as the Field Pack did in my rifle Ė your mileage may very. The extreme spread and standard deviation on both is fairly good as well which is always a plus as consistency from round to round is a necessity for small groups.

    Additional Photos:

    Ammo Review Reminder:
    While we always include accuracy and results in our testing of any ammunition, we want to remind our readers that each individual firearm will have it's own unique preference when it comes to ammo. For that reason we remind you not to read too much into the accuracy results for ammo tested in a particular firearm or judge it solely based on what the targets look like. The author could have been having an off day, the conditions could have been poor, or possibly that particular firearm just didn't like that particular ammo. For that reason we suggest you place more weight on the included bullet run-out and/or chronograph data (when available) which is a better gauge of the consistency and quality of the ammunition.

    Contact Information
    Federal Premium
    900 Ehlen
    Anoka, MN 55303

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      RC20 -
      I have had very good results with Norma TAC 22 in my CZ 452 MT.

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