• Savage B17 & B22 Bolt Disassembly (Video)

    We just received one of the new B-Series rimfires for review so naturally I had to tear it apart to see what makes it tick. The bolt assembly on these new rifles is vastly different than those found on their predecessors - the Mark I/II/93R models. This new bolt assembly features a bolt assembly screw (BAS) and cocking pin making them somewhat similar to Savage's centerfire rifles. Up front the main unit has a new design to work with the new rear section, but still has the same firing pin and extractor configuration as previous models.

    The following video details the disassembly and reassembly process for the bolt. Because the extractor and firing pin setups are the same as the old models I didn't delve into that as there are already articles and videos covering that information.

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    1. WV1951's Avatar
      WV1951 -
      Thanks, Jim
      Now for the good part when you get to take it to the range, review the stock, balance, workmanship, etc.
      I sold my 93FSS 22 mag., have the money in my desk drawer, awaiting the results.
    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      Dunno about the 22 mag's, but if you're looking at a 22LR I'll save you the wait - go buy one of the heavy barrel models. This thing shoots!
    1. WV1951's Avatar
      WV1951 -
      Actually, I am thinking 17HMR.