• Savage Model 10 Stealth in 6.5 Creedmoor

    While the accuracy of the Model 10 Stealth proved to be very good, there were a couple aspects of the rifle that I just didnít care for. There were no major failures or issues with the rifle during testing, but I found that a couple of the components used on this rifle really arenít up to the task and/or just donít jive with the format or type of shooting most buyers will be using this particular model for.

    The first of these components is the ten round magazine from MDT Tactical. Immediately upon receipt of the rifle I had reservations about the magazine as the finish of the plastic felt chalky and cheap. Empty the magazine fit into the LSS chassisí mag well just fine and locked in solidly, so no complaints there. However, when loaded with more than eight rounds the sides of the magazine bulge out and make for a very tight fit in the mag well requiring the user to force it in. Additionally, when loaded with a full ten rounds stripping the top round with the bolt is almost impossible and requires the user to slam their palm forcefully against the rear of the bolt handle to dislodge the round from the magazine. It quickly became apparent why most every Stealth owner has commented on the forum that they have switched to another brand of AICS-style magazine such as those offered by Magpul.

    The second component I really didnít care for is the FAB Defense collapsible buttstock Ė an opinion that seems to be widely shared with most Stealth owners. The stock is fine in terms of quality, but it just doesnít fit with the intended role of this rifle. Clearly it was a compromise on Savageís part and I donít blame them for doing so knowing how opinionated and persnickety we shooters get when it comes AR buttstocks, but this particular stock just doesnít lend itself to precision shooting in my view. The release lever for the length adjustment is right where many shooters want to place their off-hand to steady the rear of the rifle, and the design of the adjustable cheek piece has a lot of inherent flex at the front Ė right where the shooter will be placing his/her cheek. I also suspect the recoil pad is being made from rejected Vibram boot soles given the aggressive tread pattern and extremely hard compound.

    Aside from those two things I was very happy with and impressed by the Savage Arms Model 10 Stealth in 6.5 Creedmoor. While not a lightweight rifle, the medium-heavy contour fluted barrel provides for a rifle thatís fairly well balanced and that should come in at 13 pounds or less with even the heaviest of scope options out there. The lighter weight barrel contour will limit your shot strings however, as in my testing I found that when shooting 10-shot strings shots 8, 9 and 10 would exhibit stiff bolt lift due to heat build-up in the barrel.

    As always the AccuTrigger performed flawlessly and was easily adjusted down to 1lb. 7oz. from the factory setting of 2lb. 10oz. Feeding, extraction and ejection were also flawless throughout testing, though as noted above feeding the first round can be difficult with a full magazine.

    Of all the chassis systems currently on the market I think the LSS from MDT is the most aesthetically pleasing. It's a very well thought out design that eliminates the assembly hassle and bulkiness of a typical AR-style free-float tube at the forend. Guys aren't attaching everything but the kitchen sink to the forend on these rifles like they do AR's, so there's really no need for the additional real estate or weight of a full tube.

    In closing I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by Savageís Model 10 Stealth. At its introduction in January 2016 I was happy to see Savage stepping up their game and venturing into this market, but as a traditionalist it wasnít a model that I had much personal interest in as it just wasnít my style of rifle. That said, you canít argue with results and the Stealth in 6.5 Creedmoor proved that it was more than capable of shooting sub MOA groups at distance with several types of factory ammunition Ė even with a grouchy old curmudgeon like me behind the trigger.

    Also, special thanks to Federal Premium Ammunition for supplying the American Eagle and Federal Fusion ammunition used during the course of this review.

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