• Savage Model 10 Stealth in 6.5 Creedmoor

    In 2010 Savage Arms introduced the Model 110 BA, their first centerfire rifle to feature an aluminum chassis. While innovative at the time, the chassis used on the 110 BA and its siblings (the 10 BA, 110 BAS-K and 110 BAT/S-K) was bulky and heavy resulting in a rifle that weighed as much as 18-pounds sans optic. Recognizing this, the development team at Savage went back to the drawing board, and in conjunction with Drake Associates, Inc. came up with the Model 10 and 110 Stealth which was officially launched at the 2016 SHOT Show.

    The Model 10/110 Stealth is currently offered in four configurations:
    #22638 6.5 Creedmoor with 24” barrel (as tested here)
    #22637 .308 Win. with 20” barrel
    #22639 .300 Win. Mag. with 24” barrel & muzzle brake
    #22640 .338 Lapua Mag. with 24” barrel and muzzle brake

    The Stealth is build around a standard Savage 110-style repeater action.The heart and soul of the Model 10/110 Stealth is the same Savage Model 110-series repeater action that the company has been producing since 1958. The action is a two-lug, 90-degree modular design with a floating bolt head to help ensure proper cartridge-to-chamber alignment for improved accuracy. The action comes blueprinted from the factory, meaning the mating surfaces of the barrel nut, recoil lug, receiver, and the face of the lugs on the bolt head have all been squared up.

    The action is fitted with Savage’s award winning user-adjustable AccuTrigger which was set to 2lb.-10oz. out-of-the-box. The bolt handle features a large round knob with no knurling similar in size to those found on some Law Enforcement and Varmint models. A thicker 0.250” precision ground recoil lug is used in place of the thinner stamped piece found on standard models. Up top, an Evolution Gun Works (EGW) zero taper picatinny rail is also included to facilitate mounting a scope as no open sights are provided.

    The 24" fluted medium-heavy contour barrel is 0.750" at the muzzle and is threaded for a muzzle device.The 24” large shank fluted barrel features a 1-8” twist rate and measures 0.750”at the muzzle which is threaded 5/8-24 to accept a muzzle device. The bore is button rifled and of the standard 6 groove variety.

    The aluminum chassis is the LSS design manufactured by Modula Driven Technologies (MDT). Machined from a solid billet of 6061 aluminum and wearing a black Cerakote finish, the chassis is designed to accept standard AR15-type buttstock and grip furniture. The free-floating modular forend will accept barrels up to 1-inch in diameter and the slots are designed to accept Magpul L5 and L7 accessary rails.

    The chassis is also designed to use AISC-style magazines in .308 Win for the short-action, or .300 WM and .338 LM for the long-action. Weight of the bare chassis is 1.6 to 1.8-pounds depending on action length. Savage includes one 10-round polymer magazine (also made by MDT) with the rifle.

    The Stealth is fitted with a Hogue Rubber Overmold grip.For the buttstock, Savage opted to outfit the LSS chassis with a FAB Defense #GLS16-S carbine-style unit. This stock features 5 positions that allow a length-of-pull (LOP) adjustment range of 12.5 to 15.5 inches. The stock also features and adjustable cheek piece that has an adjustment range of 1.375 inches and uses two small tensioning knobs - one on either side of the stock - to secure it at the desired height. The ½” thick recoil pad is hard rubber and features a very aggressive boot-like tread pattern.

    To round out the furniture Savage fitted the Stealth with a Hogue Soft Overmold Rubber Grip (#15030).

    Overall length comes in at 43” (collapsed) and 46” (fully extended), and the as-tested weight with empty magazine is 13-lbs. MSRP for the short-action versions is $1207.00. The long-action in .300 WM will set you back $1484.00, and the long-action .338 LM comes in at $1622.00.

    For testing the Stealth was outfitted with a set of Warne Maxima 34mm low-height rings which secured a Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II-i 3.5-21x50mm scope to the supplied EGW rail. A Vortex 34mm anti-cant device and a Harris 1A2-BR 6-9” bipod were also mounted for most of the testing.

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