• Understanding MilliRadians (video)

    For many the Mil (milliradian) can be somewhat confusing and overwhelming at first because it requires them to look at and measure angles differently than they are used to when using the more common Minute of Angle (M.O.A.) method. Once one understands the basic principal and unit of Milliradians however, many find using Mils to be much quicker and easier than using M.O.A.

    Used properly, a thorough understanding of MilliRadians can save a shooter countless shots at the range while zeroing their firearms, help them adjust their scope to hit targets at long range, help maintain useful data about their rifle and ammunition, determine the distance to targets at unknown distances, and to make adjustments for the many other environmental factors that can affect the flight of their bullets as they travel to the target.

    In this video, former Army Ranger, Sniper Team Leader, Long Range Shooting Instructor and Author of the Long Range Shootering Handbook, Ryan Cleckner covers everything you’ll need to know about MilliRadians.

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