• Savage Axis Magnum Bolt Head Modification (Video)

    Converting an Axis to a magnum cartridge isn't hard, but it's not as easy as a normal Savage parts swap. The problem lies with the Axis' single piece firing pin, which is only long enough for a standard, short action bolt head. Savage Arms does not make a magnum bolt head short enough for the pin. Lengthening the pin is out of the question for a garage gun tinkerer like me, but shortening a magnum bolt head shank is a relatively simple bit of metalwork requiring some basic tools and patience.

    I don't know if my "Maxis" project is the first magnum Savage Axis in existence, but I am reasonably sure it was the first one shared on the Internet. After hundreds of rounds of reasonably heavy match ammo, there is no sign that the Axis receiver is not up to the task.

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