• Savage Axis Threaded Bolt Handle With Hand Tools

    While there are a plethora of upgrades for the bolt handle on a 1X/11X rifle, Axises have far fewer options. It's true that 1X/11X bolt handles will fit on an Axis bolt and seem to work in the short run, but the Axis' unique primary extraction setup leaves them at a mechanical disadvantage. At least one manufacturer makes threaded Axis bolt handles, but, for dedicated gun tinkerers like me, another solution—a cheaper solution—lies within the parts of the rifle itself.

    I will say that precision threading is a task best left to gunsmiths with lathes and mills and whatnot. Were I threading a barrel or drilling new holes for a scope base, I'd send the work out to a gunsmith with a machine shop. However the threading of a bolt handle is a far less precise task and easily within the realm of possibility for a home gunsmith with some basic hand tools.

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