• Savage Axis Shim and Trim Trigger Modification

    The most frequent complaint I have encountered about the Savage Axis is in regard to its trigger, and I would wholeheartedly agree. The Axis II remedied that somewhat with the inclusion of the AccuTrigger, as did the introductionof aftermarket replacement trigger options for the Axis.

    Throwing money at a problem could be an effective solution, and I've tried and can recommend both Rifle Basix and Timney triggers. However, the Axis originally stole my heart as a cheap budget oriented platform so I chose to pursue a more cost-effective solution.

    I had been inspired by a simple CZ-452 trigger modification called the "Poor Man's Trigger Job". Like this modification, the PMTJ involved epoxying a piece of shim stock under the sear of the rifle. Shimming, as opposed to stoning, is a relatively safe practice for the hobbyist gun hack like me. Failure for a bad shimming job will result in a long, indistinct, but ultimately safe trigger. It's also worth noting that undoing a shim trigger job is a relatively simple task compared to stoned trigger.

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