• Why 110-Series and Axis Bolt Handles are NOT Interchangeable.

    The issue as to whether or not Savage 110-Series bolt handles can be used on Savage Axis rifles has come up numerous times on the forum since the Axis was launched in 2010. Each time we say "no", and each time there's at least one person who insists on disagreeing with us. This has caused a great deal of confusion for newer members and/or those who aren't well versed in the mechanical intricacies of firearm design and function. As such this FAQ will once and for all answer the question and explain why - in detail - the bolt handles ARE NOT interchangeable.

    First and foremost, if you don't know what Primary Extraction is or why it's needed, please take a moment to read our Primary Extraction: What is it? FAQ article.

    Primary extraction is generated differently on the Savage 110-Series than it is on the Axis rifles. On the 110-Series there is a primary extraction ramp on the bolt handle that interacts with a corresponding ramp on the rear baffle. The ramp on the 110-Series bolt handle is a recessed ramp (female), while the ramp on the rear baffle is raised (male).

    On the Savage Axis rifles, primary extraction is generated by a ramp on the bolt handle and a ramp in the action itself. On the Axis the ramp on the bolt handle is a raised ramp (male), while the ramp in the action is a recessed ramp (female). In actuality, the ramp in the Axis action is little more than a beveled cut as shown in the photo below.

    Trying to use a 110-Series bolt handle on an Axis rifle will result in having no primary extraction, and the reason for that should be fairly obvious to anyone after reviewing the photo's above. With the ramps on the different bolt handles being opposite, the 110-series ramp can't interact with the corresponding ramp in the Axis' action to generate the necessary primary extraction.

    The information contained in this article and/or the attached video are for educational purposes only. Should you choose to use this information to alter or modify your firearm you do so of your own accord. In doing so you accept full responsibility for any adverse affects, damages, injuries and/or death that may occur as a result.

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