• How to: Extractor Removal and Install

    The question of 'how to remove and/or install the extractor, its spring and the detent ball has been asked around here several times as of late, so I grabbed up my camera and figured I would see if I could help out. Follow along as I explain how simple and easy the procedure is.

    Here we see the bolt head fully assembled and ready to use. Note: this is a 1970's era 30-06 bolt head, and yes the machining of the face is a "bit" rough. But I have used this head and the roughness seems to have no effect on the brass.

    To remove the extractor, place your index finger on the outside of the bolthead (at the orange arrow) and apply pressure with your thumb pushing from the green arrow towards the orange arrow. Going very slowly you feel a light click as the extractor pops over the detent ball underneath.

    Keeping a light pressure with your index finger (as shown) and your thumb still over the inside edge of the extractor and covering the ball detent, you can slide the extractor out (away from the orange arrow) and slowly lift your thumb off the bolt head easing off the pressure of the spring that is under the ball.

    Now with the extractor and ball removed you can see the spring inside the bolt head as indicated by the orange arrow. Use a small dental pick, knife point, or other pointed object and simply pull out the spring.

    Here we see the spring removed as indicated by the orange arrow once again. It is a good idea to clean any debris from this blind hole using an aerosol gun/parts cleaner. Use proper eye protection and have adequate ventilation as cleaners often tend to release fumes.

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    1. scope eye's Avatar
      scope eye -
      Nice job there Boots.

    1. sawacs's Avatar
      sawacs -
      Boots, thank you for the detailed instructions!

    1. scope eye's Avatar
      scope eye -
      The face of they bolt head, looks like it has had a hard life, LOL

    1. bootsmcguire's Avatar
      bootsmcguire -
      Yes Dean, she is a bit rough. I suspect original machining was a little less than mirror smooth but I cannot say for sure as I only acquired this action about 15 months ago used from a Scheels store. Either way it seems to shoot reliable and doesn't seem to do anything strange to the brass but if I grow suspect of it I have its replacement awaiting installation in my parts bin should the need arise. Thanks all for the compliments on the article.
    1. teebirdhyzer's Avatar
      teebirdhyzer -
      Great work on the article. Well done.
    1. OldSoldier97's Avatar
      OldSoldier97 -
      Thank You :) New Magnum bold head and kit showed up today, great simple instructions and a lot shorter than a 20 min YouTube video! (you'd think after 20 years of loyalty to Savage I might have dome this before)
    1. GaCop's Avatar
      GaCop -
      Great information! Sure helped me to replace the factory ball bearing with a larger .140" bearing to aid extraction.

    1. countryroads's Avatar
      countryroads -
      Thanks.......I needed that!
    1. mark r's Avatar
      mark r -
      Well detailed instructions. Your never to old to learn something new. Thanks for sharing.

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