• Sharp Shooter Supply's New 'Poly Sled" Single-Shot Adapter

    Ever wished someone would offer a single-shot adapter for the Savage Axis? Something that would slip in place of the factor DBM and allow you to easily single-feed cartridges at the range or in a prairie dog town without having to modify anything else on your rifle? If so you are not alone as enough Axis owners inquired about such a product to get Fred Moreo at Sharp Shooter Supply to design and manufacture the Poly Sled which solves this very problem.

    The Poly Sled will work on any Savage bolt-action rifle that uses the axis-style detachable box magazine with the plastic magazine bottom cap as shown in the photos. This includes all Axis models, the Trophy Hunter models, the Model 11VT and any future models Savage may release that employs the Axis-style detachable box magazines.

    Cast in polyurethane, the Poly Sled uses the plastic bottom cap from the Axis-style detachable magazine to allow it to give your repeater a proper single-shot feed ramp. The bottom cap is included in the purchase price and comes already attached to the Poly Sled so it's truly a plug-n-play single-shot solution.

    Functionally the Poly Sled is about as simple and straight forward as it gets. The Poly Sled snaps into place just like your factory magazine and provides a properly shaped and tapered trough to feed a cartridge from. No modifications of any time are needed to use the Poly-Sled with a factory gun - if it accepts a factory DBM it will accept a Poly-Mag. Rounds lay nicely in the trough of the Poly Sled and in my rifle (.284 Winchester) fed without a single hiccup with everything from hollow-points to long pointy Berger VLD's.

    Currently Sharp Shooter Supply is only offering the Poly Sled for short-actions and the price is set at $18. When asked about the possibility of offering a long-action version in the future Fred simply noted that if there's enough demand for one anything is possible.

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    1. missed's Avatar
      missed -
      I can't figure out why tapatalk takes you to the wrong place...
    1. n4ue's Avatar
      n4ue -
      I bought several of these sleds. They work perfect, are inexpensive, and even look great. I have several Axis wildcats that are too long for the factory mags.
      Dealing with Lisa at SSS is very enjoyable as well!

    1. RetiredArmy's Avatar
      RetiredArmy -
      I know this is an old thread. Do you know if they can still be had?
      If so, how. Tried the E-mail and said address doe not exist. Looking to
      buy one or two.