• Savage Centerfire Model and Letter Designations

    The following summary of information has been compiled to help give those new to Savage rifles a quick education on the basic history and design changes that have occurred over the years. This information should help answer many of the questions you may have regarding a rifle you recently purchased or are currently looking at purchasing in terms of when it was made, what the numbers/letters mean, etc.

    On all newer production rifles, short-actions are 2-digit numbers and long-actions are 3 Digit numbers. Prior to 1998, all short and long-actions had 3-digit numbers. Also, the Stevens 200, while having a 3-digit number, can be either a short or long-action.

    General rule of thumb for models

    10/110 - Old Designation Sporter Series, Current Designation Law Enforcement Series (blued actions and barrel)
    11/111 - Current Designation Sporter Series (blued actions and barrel)
    12/112 - Varmint Series (available in both Blued and Stainless); also includes Target Series
    14/114 - Classic Series (High Luster Blue, one model in SS, High Grade Wood Stock)
    16/116 - Weather Warrior Series (SS, Synthetic, Sporter & Mag Contoured Barrel)
    PTA Guns - Precision Target Action rifles (Model 12 F/TR, 12 F-Class, 12 Palma, Etc.)
    Mod. 25 & 40 - Light Varmint Series (Blued actions and barrel)
    Axis - Entry Level sporter with DBM (all the same action length, but different from 10/110 to 16/116 series; available Blued or Stainless)
    Stevens 200 - Same as 11/111 except no AccuTrigger (old style side bolt release only; Blued action and barrel)

    Model Number Letter Meanings:
    AK(or K) - Adjustable Muzzle Brake
    B - Laminate Stock
    BT - Laminated Thumbhole Stock
    C - Clip (Detachable Box Magazine)
    F - Synthetic Stock
    G - Hardwood Stock
    H - Hinged Floorplate
    L - Left Hand
    ML - Muzzleloader
    NS - No Sights
    P - Police
    SS - Stainless Steel
    SR - Supressor Ready (Threaded Muzzle)
    T - (Rimfire) Peep Sights
    V - Long-Range (Heavy Barrel) (Varmint)
    XP - Package Gun
    Y - Youth

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    1. flutedchamber's Avatar
      flutedchamber -
      No "J" in the model number letter list.
    1. Robinhood's Avatar
      Robinhood -
      Where do you find a J in the model number?
    1. LuvmyLRP's Avatar
      LuvmyLRP -
      Robinhood: Thanks for steering me to this page. I still have not found a source to describe the features of the different bolt action receivers that set them apart physically since the mod number is not on the receiver. I have been caught with the wrong part before just because of some fine to minor nuance, This is all just about my wanting to know all that I can about anything that I do.
    1. Robinhood's Avatar
      Robinhood -
      If you go to Savage FAQs in the nav bar you will find all kinds of articles that will educate you. Often part numbers are included. Thank Jim for assembling these articles.
    1. flutedchamber's Avatar
      flutedchamber -
      Quote Originally Posted by Robinhood View Post
      Where do you find a J in the model number?
      After the model number. My rifle reads Model 112J
    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      That "J" was just a series indication used back in the day (1970's). Totally different than the context being discussed in the article linked to above.

      Basically it denoted a small changed to one or more small parts on the rifle and was only used by the factory if/when the rifle would ever come back in for warranty work. Unfortunately there's no known records of what the changes were that each series letter corresponded to. In some cases the change was as insignificant as a supplier change for a certain part.

      In the 2000's Savage started using the "J" in the alphabet soup to denote laminate stocks in the Royal Jacaranda color pattern. An example would be the old Mark II BJVSS (laminate, jacaranda, varmint, stainless steel).
    1. flutedchamber's Avatar
      flutedchamber -
      I was told by Savage that the J was an indication of a single shot action, that is no magazine at all.

      I didn't see any mention of manufacturing date, so I thought (incorrectly) that it was an omission in the list.
    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      The data in this article is based on what models were listed in the catalog's up through 1989. As you can see, there's no Model 112J or 110J.


      The only single-shot Model 110 Savage made prior to 1989 was the 112-V (varmint) which was offered from 1975-78. In 1979 they changed it to the Model 112-R (repeater) with the only change being that it now came with a blind magazine box rather than being a single-shot.

      Savage didn't offer another single-shot 110 rifle until the Model 112 FVS which debuted in 1992.

      You can find specific serial number info for determining when your rifle was made in this thread:


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