• Primos GunHunter Vest Review

    Early last fall I found myself in a bit of a predicament - after several years of memorable use my trusty old hunting vest had given up the ghost and fallen apart. In dire need of a replacement I took to the internet and found several that would suit my needs. The drawback to most of them was that they were shy on any sort carrying ability.Yes, I'm a lover of pockets. When I came across the Primos GunHunter vest and saw the many pockets and other features it offered I took a chance and bought one. The price was just shy of $40 so it's quite reasonable and I wouldn't be out a lot if I didn't like it.

    Upon it's arrival at my door I found it to be very easy to put on and wear all day as it fits very nicely over a large jacket. The pockets are of varying sizes and well thought out in their placement and accessibility. The vest is held together by three large plastic buttons (no zipper) and the same type of buttons are also used on the large cargo pockets. I really like this idea as it is easy to manipulate them with gloves on. On my old vest these were zippers or Velcro so I usually had to take my gloves off to open them or leave them open while hunting to avoid making a lot of noise when accessing them.

    Anyway, let's get on to my favorite part - the pockets. This vest has sixteen pockets and all of them have a function in mind. The front of the vest has two large cargo pockets and inside the cargo pockets are elastic loops for your ammunition. Also on the front are two small square pockets for game calls, two long horizontal zippered pockets for small flashlights and rangefinder, one small snap pocket for identification/licenses, and two large lined pockets for your hands. The rear of the vest has two small round elastic pockets for water bottles and shooting sticks, and a large zippered cargo pocket. There are also two large mesh pockets on the inside of the vest for storage and two small pockets for cell phones and radio.

    Other features of the vest include a pull down PVC lined flap to sit on, a safety harness opening in the upper rear and a pair of nylon straps for jacket stowage. Included with the vest are a small red LED light (I guess for flashing at other hunters) and a small thermometer/compass combo that attached to the vest via key rings. The light is small enough not to get in the way but the compass doesn't work at all. I tossed it and replaced it with my Silva wrist compass.

    The vest is constructed of blaze orange 300 denier polyester brushed twill with a black polyester mesh liner. The front shoulder panels are quilt stitched to prevent piling, but offers no additional padding to tame recoil. I would have liked to see double stitching at the seams of more heavily used areas (pockets, game pouch, etc), so we'll just have to wait and see how it holds up over time and use.

    After using the vest on several deer hunts this season I've been very pleased with it. So far the only drawback to the vest that I can find is that it is made in China, and that's almost to be expected in this day and age. I won't fault the compass as I didn't expect it to come with the vest and nobody should rely on a crummy cheapo compass anyway.Buy a real compass.

    Primos logo and slogan embroidered on the right chest. Plenty of pockets on the front ammunition, calls and other small hunting gadgets.
    Large back pocket for bulkier items Fold out PVC-lined flap to keep your butt dry when sitting.
    Included compass and thermometer

    Contact Information
    Primos Hunting
    604 First Street
    Flora, MS 39071

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