• Video from Burris Scopes - one section show how to use INSERTS

    A short video from Burris Optics explaining how to use their insert system with their Signature Zee scope rings. The Burris Signature Ring System provides tremendous gripping power, protects your scopes finish, insures proper alignment and guarantees 100% scope-to-ring contact. Pos-Align Offset Inserts allows you to sight-in your scope without moving internal scope adjustments.

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    1. Sawfish's Avatar
      Sawfish -
      Detailed explanation of the correct way to use Signature inserts to correct sighting in problems without maxing out a scope's internal adjustments.
    1. davemuzz's Avatar
      davemuzz -
      Ghee.....they keep showing an insert of big elk and then those guys shooting.....but the elk never get hit. Maybe the gun has a Tasco scope on it and that's why the elk don't fall over??? HA!!!!

      I dunno.....but I do use the Burris Signature Zee's on my scopes and I have no complaints about 'em.
    1. gotcha's Avatar
      gotcha -
      Now I'm REALLY impressed. So easy even a Muzz can do it!!!

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