• 93r17 Not Extracting/Ejecting Empties

    Just bought new 17hmr and first 4 shells would not eject. Had to use my knife to remove the casings. Now 1 out of 7 will not eject. I am shooting Hornady 17 grain Vmax. Also had 2 misfires from a box of 50.But they did fire after I ran thru the gun a second time. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Clean chamber with brush to make sure you have removed all the factory perservative. This should help with the stuck cases. Misfires appear to be a common problem with these rifles. If it continues, send it back to Savage and let them fix the problem.
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    I was reading a post about the Mark II after 250 rounds not ejecting the spent cases. Mine started doing it at approx. 350 rounds. I read where people were taking an 2ND ejector C clip and putting over the original C spring on the bolt to fix this problem. I called Savage and asked them about it and they did say people were having good results doing this and they sent me a C clip. All though after cleaning the rifle the ejection problems stopped I still put on the 2nd C clip. I fired approx. 200 rounds today no problems, time will tell.

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      Just fixed the exact problem with my MKII FVSS.

      I noticed the right extractor claw was flopping about instead of grabbing the empty case.

      I just bent the c clamp a touch and it worked fine. I will try to get another c clamp to pop over the top.
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      I have an old model 29 .22 pump with the octagon barrel and it is in really good shape. It will fire just fine for 5 or 6 times and then it jams. The spent casing will hang in the mechanism with a fresh shell underneath it. Anybody know how to fix the problem