• Recent Savage Receiver Changes

    2003 - Savage introduced their new ACCU-TRIGGER. Besides the trigger change, the receiver now has a round top in the rear scope base area which uses the same base in the rear as in the front. The Weaver #46 base will fit both ends as well as the #402 extension base if you have a need for mounting extremely long or short tube scopes.

    2005 - Savage introduces their new center-feed magazine design on select models featuring a detachable box magazine. Actions using the new magazine design have a different cut for the magazine port on the bottom of the action, and short-action models have a new screw spacing of 4.400".

    2006-2008 - Savage phases in the new center-feed magazine design across their whole product line, including the Stevens 200. A new hinged floor plate (HFP) is also introduced during this time-frame. All DBM and HFP models are of the center-feed design. All blind magazine models where the magazine stays in the stock when the barreled action is removed is of the center-feed design.

    2007 - Savage introduces their new Dual-Port and Palma Match rifles which feature a unique screw spacing of 3.400" and the new Target AccuTrigger. Savage also starts offering their Target Actions for sale separately.

    2008 - Savage is now machining all their actions on new Okuma CNC machining centers and the quality control is the best it's ever been. In addition, models offered in .204 Ruger and .223 Remington now feature the center-feed magazine system. Last but not least, Savage introduced a new bolt release system on select models. This new system moves the bolt release lever from the right side of the action to the front of the trigger guard.

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