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    Published on 11-05-2013 01:01 PM

    All the threads on the forum requesting the date of manufacture are getting a little out of hand and thus we (the staff) have come to the conclusion that we will no longer be dating any rifles with a serial number beginning with a letter. This is because these guns aren't that old and the letter prefix itself will give you a relative idea of when the rifle was manufactured. The "dating" service is intended more for dating and documenting the older collectable guns that are no longer in production and were made prior to 1968.
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    The following summary of information has been compiled to help give those new to Savage rifles a quick education on the basic history and design changes that have occurred over the years. This information should help answer many of the questions you may have regarding a rifle you recently purchased or are currently looking at purchasing in terms of when it was made, what the numbers/letters mean, etc.
    Published on 10-22-2013 09:38 AM
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    Savage has offered a detachable box magazine option on most of their bolt-action centerfire rifles since 1966. Over the years the design has changed and most recently we have seen some different variations of the system from model to model which has created a lot of confusion. This article should help clear up some of that confusion.
    Published on 01-28-2013 08:59 AM
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    Below is the timeline in which Savage made the change from the old stagger-feed magazine system to the new center-feed magazine system. The change-over was drawn out over the course of four years which in many cases makes it difficult to say whether any particular rifle equipped with a blind magazine from those years would have a staggered or center-feed magazine. ...
    Published on 09-23-2012 07:37 PM
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    The following diagram shows all of the parts of a Savage Model 10/110 bolt assembly.

    Bolt Head
    Front Baffle
    Spring Washer
    Bolt Head Retaining Pin
    Firing Pin Assembly
    Cocking ...
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    Over the last several years Savage has incorporated some design changes that need to be addressed in order to acquire the correct parts for your Savage rifle project.

    For the last several years, Savage has used a smaller diameter firing pin on their magnum caliber rifles. The reason behind this is the bolt head retaining pin can use a small diameter through hole which makes it stronger. The standard caliber firing pin measures .145" in the area it would pass through the cross pin, the magnum pins are .095" in that area. Because the ...
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    Two issues can be cause by front scope mount screws that are to long.

    1. If the front screw is to long it will bottom out on the threads of the barrel shank. When this happens, the screw will feel as if it's properly torqued down to secure the base, but in reality the base will still be loose.
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    The following are the available magazines for 2006 and earlier staggered-feed actions.

    .223/.204, .308 family, and WSM family ...
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    Action screw lengths:

    Short set...used on "F"(tupperware stocks)
    rear-1.510" ...
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    2003 - Savage introduced their new ACCU-TRIGGER. Besides the trigger change, the receiver now has a round top in the rear scope base area which uses the same base in the rear as in the front. The Weaver #46 base will fit both ends as well as the #402 extension base if you have a need for mounting extremely long or short tube scopes.
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    Here are some of the different bolt head configurations used in the last several years and the most current.

    L to R
    short action (7/16" lugs)
    short action

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