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04-14-2010, 07:22 PM
I took some aa5744 to the range and tried to shoot some 250 shockwaves and some 250 TMZ,s i tried 40 41 42 43 grains and just can not get it to shoot them straight.
Some of the bullets hit the white vinyl sideways could it be the sabots ? It was 40 out so i don't think it was a heat problem. Plus i was helping my two buddies sight in there scopes ,so my gun sat in between shots.
well, that's it for the negative side of my savage! I hit the woods for an evening hunt and was holding up a big oak tree,maybe it was the other way around. I looked to the west toured the trail and saw a red sign,well i thought it was a sign. Let me say i hunt on dnr property and there are red signs every were. well, after about 45 min. the sign started to move. with only 2 days left of muzzleloader season left i was not going to be picky. The sun was hitting this doe just right to make her front shoulder red and sign like. So,it was on she was heading north through a lot of trees. I let go of the oak tree and rolled to the other side for a better shot she stopped at 80 yards broad side all i could see was her head sticking out from behind another oak tree,so i took the top of her head off. She did not run she did not walk just dropped like a rock. that is how sure of my savage i am. With the .458 and orange sabot this gun is awesome. Thank you Randy for all of your advise and keep up the good work!!!

04-15-2010, 09:46 AM
What has happened in recent years is that the notion of an "EZ-Load" sabot has been re-introduced and re-touted, largely in answer to "tight-barreled Thompsons" (some barrels undersize at .496 - .497 in. diameter). Thompson Shockwaves (repackaged Hornady SST's) are now supplied with a thinner, softer, weaker HPH-24 sabot instead of the HPH-12 sabot offered before. That may well allow some T/C shooters to pound down sabots in undersized bores, or pound sabots into Triple 7 or Pyrodex fouled bores, but it does nothing for a Savage 10ML-II.

Barnes makes some beatutifully-performing bullets, but the TMZ boat tail isn't one of them. The yellow sabot is proprietary to the bullet, the boat tail offers less bearing surface at the base and more sabot stress-- not a good thing at all. The T-EZ 290 Flat Base is a far easier to work with bullet. The "EZ" part again means a HPH-24 sabot, so sometimes it takes a HPH-12 MMP sabot to give proper dressed sabot / bore fit.

With a Hornady XTP and a short, black MMP sabot-- normally Savage 10ML-II's group extremely well with very little load adjustment, the same with the .458 Barnes Original Semi-Spitzer Soft Point 300 grain and the Orange .458 / 50 MMP sabot.

04-17-2010, 07:36 AM
Still tinkerin , just got some scorpion pt golds 300 grainers going to the range Sunday to see what they can do.
Yep, thats what i was thinking the sabot are junk with most of the store bought bullets and who is to say how old they are so do yourself a favor and study up on your sabots with the savage and smokeless powder.

04-18-2010, 12:34 PM
Hello, To all.
range trip findings for the new 300Grn. Scorpion PT Gold and the new red crush rib sabots for smokeless from harvester! About $40 for 50 bullets and sabots and shipping
shooting 65grains aa2015 and winchester 209 primers
estimated 2150 fps mild recoil at 100yards
first 2 shots touching, next 2 to get 1 inch above bulls eye, next 3 i locked in gun vise and got a pretty little clover, next 7 shots off hand ended up with a 3" MOA
I am going to try to get some vit 120 powder to see if i can do better, But i think i have found a tipped bullet that shoots very well!!!
sabots were all recovered all fingers fly off probably do to the tougher plastic.
I can't wait to see what this load will do to my next Whitetail.
I also took the plastic bullet starter that came with the bullets and put three wraps of masking tape around it till it fit snug in my barrel, now you have a nice little bullet straightener.
Good luck on all your aventures and good shootin to all!!!