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Thread: Muzzle Brake Removal

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    Muzzle Brake Removal

    I just purchased my first Savage 16FHSAK with the built on muzzle brake. How does one remove this? I am not sure if I plan on keeping this on or not. I did not see anything on Savage site or the manual. Any ideas other then cutting?

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    Re: Muzzle Brake Removal

    According to savage you put two tight fitting pins through the muzzle brake holes (maybe cleaning rods) and use them as a lever to unscrew the muzzle brake.

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    Re: Muzzle Brake Removal

    I put 3 nails in mine and used loose vice jaws to catch the nails

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    Re: Muzzle Brake Removal

    Anybody know what the thread pattern is on these savage mounted muzzle brakes?

    My reason for asking is because, -if I finally decided on one of these models- I'm wondering if I couldn't just screw on another style of muzzle brake.

    The existing Savage muzzle brakes don't seem to be very conducive to prone-shooting; at least not without kicking up a ton of dust.

    I realize that a muzzle brake of a different design may require a certain amount of "timing/alignment" but, if you're able to swap your own barrels, you should be able to align a new-style muzzle brake onto your barrel; assuming the threads are compatible.


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