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Thread: Model 93 .22 Hornet ?!

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    Model 93 .22 Hornet ?!

    Hey guys,
    I own a Savage Model 93 chambered in .22 Hornet. I've been told by more than a couple guys that this caliber/model doesn't exist or is very rare, any truth to this ?! I love my heavy 19.5" barreled single shot nail driver and will never get rid of it but want to know how rare this thing is. Any help ?

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    Re: Model 93 .22 Hornet ?!

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    I know this is an old thread but I have a question. I know the 93 is a rim fire and it was retrofitted to a center fire caliber. The Savage 40 also is a rim fire action but I wonder if it uses the 93 receiver? I would like to put a scope rail on my M40 when I change scopes soon. If the M93 rail fits then all I would have to do is open the ejection opening on the rail. I really like my 40 it is a darn accurate rifle.
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