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Thread: AccuTrigger in a Axis

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    AccuTrigger in a Axis

    Can I install an accutrigger in my Axis?


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    Re: AccuTrigger in a Axis

    When I bought my axis .223, I contacted Savage about wanting an accu trigger. They said it can not be installed on an edge/axis. I ended up putting a rifle basix trigger on mine. Maybe someone with more gunsmithing knowledge could get the accu trigger to fit.

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    Re: AccuTrigger in a Axis

    no you cant, it is completely a different design.

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    You can sort of.

    I just got an edge in 223 and couldn't pull the trigger, I thought the safety was on. I pulled harder and it went. No way I could live with that. I took just the trigger from an accutrigger assembly, without the center blade. Ground a couple of humps off the sides so it would fit. I used the light spring that originally was used for the center blade in the accutrigger. It works better now but it is still too hard to pull. The trigger from the accutrigger seems to have a little less sear engagement.

    Be very careful when messing with your trigger.

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