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Thread: Model 10 Predator Hunter Max-1

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    Jason S

    Model 10 Predator Hunter Max-1

    Ok, got plenty of rifles and have never absolutely reloaded. For christmas Santa brought me the big bad $800 reloading kit. Setting up the garage for it now. I have a couple really hard kicking rifles for hunting not very fun to shoot and a couple rimfires I love to shoot. So here's where I am at.

    No sense in reloading a rifle I do nto enjoy shooting very much and use maybe every couple years to hunt. Mainly hunt with a muzzle loader now adays so the rifles mainly gather dust. But I love to shoot.

    I am looking at the title rifle in .243 at a local gun shop. Was thinking of buying it and setting up to reload 243. Also thinking about buying a 308 shilen barrel for the same rifle and setting up to load for that. 243 would be a nice song dog gun. How does this firearm stack up in the scheme of savages. Read an article on it and that is what intrigues me. Not much money with good out of the box accuracy. I have a Kimber I paid a lot more for and it is nice but I am afraid of scratching the wood. Want a really good shooting beater rifle I do not mind using. The upgradability in the furture also has me hooked on it.

    223 is another load I am setting up to reload for as santa with the reloading kit (unknown to ms Clause) in September slipped a RRA varmitter into the gun safe. I love shooting that thing and factory ammo can get expensive because it likes the high end fodder.

    On the reloading subject. If a guy was to buy a couple hundred rounds of new brass what is the best of them, and then whats the best value. Mainly punching paper but the occasional coyote also.

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    Re: Model 10 Predator Hunter Max-1

    I've seen a few threads asking about this particular rifle, recently. I got one a few months back (the .243) and I absolutely love it. If you're going to handload for it, all the better. Some of my first loads were making one ragged hole at 100 yards, right out of the box. It took all the work out of "load development". The one thing I noticed on mine, is that the amount of freebore is minimal compared to some of my other guns (in particular, my 10FP in .308). Therefore, I don't need to load them long to get closer to the lands. A plus in my book.

    [img width=600 height=355] nchester/SavageModel10PredatorHunter243005.jpg[/img]

    [img width=486 height=450] nchester/SavageModel10PredatorHunter243008.jpg[/img]

    [img width=538 height=450] nchester/SavageModel10PredatorHunter243002.jpg[/img]

    These are just some of my first loads. I've shot many groups that are better, but don't have pics on hand. This gun really likes the 87 grain V-Max.


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    Re: Model 10 Predator Hunter Max-1

    Brass for what you're doing would probably be Winchestor. I have had the best luck with it and it's cheap. I've run federal, BHA, winchestor and privi and the winchestor shoots the best and holds up very well. I'd like to try Nosler Custom but I can't seem to bring myself to pay 2.12 times as much for the same number of rounds.

    As far as the rifles you're a lucky man to be able to slide weapons by your wife. Mine watches what I get like a hawk.

    Good luck,

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    Jason S

    Re: Model 10 Predator Hunter Max-1

    Seperate bank accounts since we have been married. They are linked but we never fight about money to be honest. Money is the number one reason for divorice in the United States. We vowed that would not happen. I pay 2/3 of all bills and fork over another set amount of money every month based on an amount of overtime worked. Whats left is mine to do what I want with. Works for us. We do talk on most large purchases (such as any thing over about a grand).

    Nice groups. Really no need to rebarrel. So if I look around what is a fiar shelf price for this gun. Seems Savage lists it at $889, got to be better deals out there. Maybe a trip down to Cabelas is in order.

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    Re: Model 10 Predator Hunter Max-1

    I got one a few months back (the .243) and I absolutely love it.
    Looks great too!

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