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Thread: savage model 111 30-06 price?

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    savage model 111 30-06 price?

    I am going to look at this rifle today or tomorrow. I am looking for a ball park before I waste to much effort.
    From what the guy says its a synthetic stock pre accutrigger pre accustock used I don't know exact condition but lets assume its like 90% of the guns out there. He wants $250 scopeless and $275 with a wallmart eyepiece.
    any thoughts

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    Re: savage model 111 30-06 price?

    I gave $250 for a barely used 110 in 7mm mag last year with the cheap package scope on it. It still had the packing goop on the bolt. I think I would offer little less to see if the seller would take it, but imho if the rifle is in good shape that's a pretty fair price if it's what you want.

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    Re: savage model 111 30-06 price?

    I thought about throwing out $200 just to see.. But like I say I am not sure exactly what condition. Thanks for the reply. Its good to see what they sell for not what a 4yr. old book says.
    Checked gun broker and found 1 used for $360 that was accustock and trigger

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    Re: savage model 111 30-06 price?

    I paid $384 for my 110 in 30-06 brand new at walmart with the accutrigger and a cheap scope. Don't think I would give $275 without the accutrigger and I saw the same scopes brand new for $29.

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    Re: savage model 111 30-06 price?

    I would wait or offer the $200. I have purchased two different accustock rifles with accutrigger brand new on gunbroker for $350.oo each. One came with an older Leupold VX-2 4x12 on it. I thought that deal was to good to be true until I actually held the gun. Just watch gunbroker until you find something in your price range.

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    Re: savage model 111 30-06 price?

    Common long action rifles like 30-06, 270 Win and 7mm Rem Mag can be had for $225 in my area. Usually these are plastic stock and non accua-trigger models. Many will have scope bases and some will have rings. Older flat back receivers will have the wood stock. Then again the same store had one new Stevens in 223 for $250 retail. Really no rymthe or reason in pricing policies sometimes. Like others suggested offer them $200 and see what happens. Recently asked dealer on used Savage what he could do. Blew me away when without any haggling dropped the price $100 if I was interested. Needless to say its in my stable now waiting for new barrel chambered for a different cartridge.

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    Re: savage model 111 30-06 price?

    well I bought it. After inspecting it came with a sling, scope bases no rings, and a cartridge holder on the buttstock ( one of those elastic 10rnd holders). I gave him $225. The savage logo on the bolt doesn't even have a scratch on it so it doesn't appear to have too many down the pipe.
    We will see what its worth this weekend if the weather is decent.
    Thanks for the replies

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