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Thread: a22 or fvsr

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    a22 or fvsr

    I will be getting a 22 lr semi rifle, i was thinking of a ruger 10 22, but the looks of it the Savage a 22 series are slightly more accurate, so i am down to the standard A22 or the FVSR heavy barrel that comes with a rail, any comments on if there would be any difference in accuracy


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    I have an A22 target that reasonably accurate out of the box. The savage is more accurate than my stock 1022. The stock Savage trigger is also a lot better than the stock 1022. I have replaced both triggers the after market Ruger trigger is about 3lbs. with a little creep and costs about $75. The Jard trigger on my A22 is a creep free at about 1.25lbs and costs $250. The best thing I like about the Savage over the Ruger is the size. I have always felt the 1022 was a child's size rifle but that is my opinion. Hope this helps with your decision.

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