Hi - I've completed the above this Winter, ready for the snow and rain to leave so I can get to the range. The mag well mods were a lot of filing, then polishing w-600g w/d paper. Opens up the area lots. Doing this took several hours of trial and error(s). But the final product looks pretty good for hand work. I also extended the mag release by drilling a small hole in the OEM and fit a piece of coat hanger into it, secured with JB. The JB makes it 'softer' too. And I extended the charger with a small nut and bolt. I threaded the inside of the OEM charge handle and screwed the bolt & nut in, then filed it 'sorta' smooth. the handle still spins OK. Both things work very well, and look really bubba Finally, since the 'Hiljak' mag loading tool would cost me over $30 CDN, I made a similar item using a 35mm film can, a click pen body, a screw, and JB.
Just a good thing I'm retired and can fool with these things. All these saved me about $100 or more total.

BTW, I found a mag pouch on amazon that holds 6 mags for only $10 CDN. The desc says for a 9mm/.45 but the 64 mags fit nicely. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B06...?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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