I bought this rifle and received it on Fiday April 12. I was very happy with fitt and initial quality. I started de break-in slowly and found rapidly the rifle was not shooting like the other Savage's I own and love, for their accuracy(2 LRPV's and a LRP, Mk2 and others), and after the slow break-in (50 shots) I could'nt get a decent grouping (3 to 4 in. and more) with Hornady Black 75gr .224 Valkyrie nor with Federal 90 gr Sierra Match 90gr bullets. I also tryed reloading with 90gr Sierra Bullets, with no success. My ammo speed measure with Magneto tech, found speed off about 150fps on all loads. I am used to long distance shooting and was hoping to get same success has my 6.5 Grendel and 6.5 Creedmoor with this rifle.
I checked the scope used on my LRPV and LRP and scope and gun where doing there job of sub-MOA with thes guns(they are grear shooters). So I came to the conclusion that this MSR was not doing what it was advertised for, such as great precision with your 5R barrel. For the rest I like the rifle it seems to do a good job with all loads except for the precision of the shots.