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Thread: MSR 15 Valkyrie problem.

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    MSR 15 Valkyrie problem.

    I bought this rifle and received it on Fiday April 12. I was very happy with fitt and initial quality. I started de break-in slowly and found rapidly the rifle was not shooting like the other Savage's I own and love, for their accuracy(2 LRPV's and a LRP, Mk2 and others), and after the slow break-in (50 shots) I could'nt get a decent grouping (3 to 4 in. and more) with Hornady Black 75gr .224 Valkyrie nor with Federal 90 gr Sierra Match 90gr bullets. I also tryed reloading with 90gr Sierra Bullets, with no success. My ammo speed measure with Magneto tech, found speed off about 150fps on all loads. I am used to long distance shooting and was hoping to get same success has my 6.5 Grendel and 6.5 Creedmoor with this rifle.
    I checked the scope used on my LRPV and LRP and scope and gun where doing there job of sub-MOA with thes guns(they are grear shooters). So I came to the conclusion that this MSR was not doing what it was advertised for, such as great precision with your 5R barrel. For the rest I like the rifle it seems to do a good job with all loads except for the precision of the shots.

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    The Valkyrie has had some problems with ammo. After a year and a half I discovered that using a tangent style ogive bullet instead of the secant style like the Sierra 90's or VLD's produced wicked accuracy at least in my rifle. New ammo is being made now that uses Barnes TSX and some Berger 83gr. Hybrids. The Barnes can be bought as reloading components, not sure about the Begers yet but there are a few 82BT's around if I haven't found em yet.

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    What are you comparing to when you say you are 150fps slower? That 18" barrel will be quite a bit slower than a bolt action with a 24"+. Sure seems like the Valkyrie round has had its share of teething problems...

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